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Saturday, June 9, 2007

New Library: Books and DVDs: Pick, Click and Rent

You have heard of libraries renting out books and libraries that rent out DVDs. But, this one is unique; it’s not only a library for books but one that rents out DVDs too! Not only that, it is not a shop somewhere, but a portal on the web, yes, that’s right, a web portal that not only rents out books and DVDs but sells them too!
Now film buffs and book lovers have a good reason to celebrate as their favorite books and movies are just a click away. is an online book and DVD library that now offers a chance to buy or rent books and movies online and have them delivered to their doorstep at reasonable rates.
This library was started by Bobby Thomas (37) and Manish Desai (36) and offers nearly 4,000 books and 5,000 movies at rentals ranging from Rs 99/- to Rs 399/- per month, with a one time refundable deposit of Rs 699/- only.
If this has not excited you enough then read this- you can borrow books or movies and have them picked up when you feel like without bothering about the number of days you have to finish reading the book or watching the movie! All this without any surcharge! This feature is their USP.
The portal also saves you from checking the site regularly to place an order. It offers an “autosend” facility through which customers can select a series of books and movies from the library and mark it for the days when he wishes to be delivered to his place. They also have an “Alert me” option for books or movies.
Well, Seems to be a great New Library! Very Futuristic site! Thumbs up to this! Check it out!


Bella said...

Great to know that there is a but I cant seem to get to their website..:(

kanwarpriya said...

Thanks, bella for bringing this to my notice. The site has changed its URL address. I have posted the new one. You can now access their site at this address:

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