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Friday, May 23, 2008

Merry Go Round. Writer's Block! Take a Break!

Just found a crazy game online that makes you go round in circles. Just like a merry go round. If you are stuck with a writer's block or just want to take a break, visit this site. Twizzle|Bobblebrook is the name of the game site. say it three times fast!

There are 17 levels in all to this game. Your goal is very simple, just push the sphere from the center of the circle to the outermost circle. Well, it may look very easy, but it requires you to use your mind and intelligence to get out! check out how good you are in mathematics and geometry!

Throughout the game you may encounter various elements that may either help you or be a setback! I have just completed the 10th level and am trying the 11th one. Let's see if I can complete all the levels! Try it out and let us know when you have completed all 17.

All The Best.

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