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Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Begins - Watch Video

Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Begins - Watch Video

The Beijing Olympic Games 2008 opening ceremony was a spectacular show of colors, art, culture and tradition of China which culminated in a magnificent display of fireworks over the Bird's Nest national stadium today.

I was thoroughly impressed with the whole idea of the cultural display of China around the centerpiece of a paper scroll that depicted the ancient history of chinese art of paper making. All the participants flowed in the stadium with utter precision and synchronisation throughout the performance, in a breathtaking array of colors, dance and music that enthralled all the audience.

There were enough fireworks after every performance to light up the skies of Beijing throughout the night and remind the world that they were the one's who invented them. And did they use them most effectively. It was the most magnificent, and colorful display ever seen on such a large magnitude by any country so far.

China has proved to the whole world of its might and magnificence by this display, which is the greatest ever in the history of Olympics so far!

The Opening ceremony concluded with the President of China, Hu Jintao declaring the 29th Olympic Games Open. This was followed by hoisting the Olympic flag and a spectacular Olympic torch lighting ceremony ending with the fireworks in whole of Beijing.

To see image and watch Video of the opening ceremony Click here:

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