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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power Of Mind - Dreamy Reality

It was broad daylight. Now on the pavement, I was calling out to my friend's son in the crowd. I couldn't see him anywhere. Neither could my son, who was standing next to me, throw any light on it.

If losing your son or daughter is not enough, losing someone else's is a nightmare. With my son's hand in mine I started moving through the crowd calling out to the other boy.

Then I saw him, through the moving crowd across the road about eighty meters from where I was. Two men were walking along with him one of them pulling, almost dragging him along.

"Stay right here," I shouted at my son and ran towards the men with my friend's boy. By the time I reached the spot the two guys had gotten into the car and the car had started moving. I chased the car as hard as I could, weaving my way through the traffic.

The car was much faster. It took a left up ahead. I knew the area and stepped into a by-lane with the intention of cutting off the car. I came out on the main road and I was right. I saw the car coming towards me. I stepped onto the road right in the path and waved my hands. The car didn't show any signs of slowing down. It was too late by the time I moved and the car's fender caught me hard on the leg and I was thrown away towards the payment. I lay there for sometime. Soon afterwards I felt someone tapping on my knee. It was my son.

I opened my eyes and found my son standing there. I looked around. I was in my bedroom, my wife sleeping next to me. It was a dream.

"The match has started," my son announced. I remembered that I had only told him to wake me up. I smiled and told him that I would join him soon.

You see what had happened. My dream, I don't know how long it lasted, definitely started much before my son came to wake me up. But my mind somehow knew exactly how my son was going to wake me up and the dream progressed in such a manner so as to create a situation where my son, in the dream, would come and tap me up at exactly the same spot where my son, in the real world, would come and tap me. It's quite amazing - the power of mind.

It can't be a coincidence since I have experienced similar things in the past, but never gave it a thought. Is the mind so powerful so as to create situations matching the dreams or create dreams matching the situations? The scary part is that it seems to be somehow controlling or knows about the future.

I hope it is not just me.

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