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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Second Anniversary on Xomba – An Incredible Experience!

“Hooray, and three cheers”! I have just cleared another milestone, two years, on Xomba. And I must say that it has been a most incredible experience of my life. So here I am celebrating my second anniversary as a “writer” on Xomba. All Xombies are welcome to the celebrations. Have a drink on me!:-)

I must say that I learned a lot from my experience here on Xomba and am growing as a “writer” day by day. The Xomba staff and the community have become an integral part of my life and I love to spend some quality time with my new found family, that is ever growing. With Xomba one can never feel lonely. It’s the best place to voice your thoughts, give vent to your feelings, opinions, views, share knowledge and encourage new writers......All this while you make money! If you have not read my first anniversary report then read it here.

I am happy to report that so far I have been very successful in my goal of making money from this site. I have managed to get a cheque each and every month since the first cheque from Google Adsense, which means that I have been making > $100 every month without fail. I think that in itself is quite an achievement. I managed this feat even in the months when I did not do much work on the site. In fact, this year, I must admit that I have really not been able to work to my full potential as I had done last year, at least in the terms of quantity. However, I have noticed that my Adsense earnings this year was more stabilized as compared to last year. I did have a couple of months in between where my earnings suddenly shot up from $100 to >$200, >$300 and > $500 respectively.

My second achievement that I can boast about is the maximum page impressions of >130000 reads in one day on a single post. I managed this Xomba Record on the day of the Super bowl 2009. This post not only made the Highest number of page impressions but also the highest amount of Adsense earnings in a single day for me, which was >$400 (doubled from last year). This same post made about >$200 last year which was also the highest for that year. This shows the advantage of grand fathering here on Xomba.

In the second year on Xomba, I concentrated my efforts more on writing xombytes than posting links as xomblurbs. I tried to put in more quality content in my bytes and am making an effort to improve my writing skills and attract more readers to my content as also to establish myself as a writer. Towards this goal, I think I have achieved some amount of success as most of my bytes were not only well received but also managed to make it to the Top of the Highest Rated Xombytes of the Week column. Here is a peak at some of them:


While I am on the topic of writing bytes, another first on Xomba was writing in the category. I must admit that I have never before ventured into this sphere of writing and Xomba encouraged me to explore this option by hosting various contests in this category. While I never won any of them, I still feel proud to say that I did manage to start writing in this category and whatever I did write was also well received and managed to make it to the fictionHighest Rated Posts of the Week. Here are some of them:


I also feel proud to say that I have not restricted my writings to any particular category in the past two years and I wrote articles under most categories on Xomba. This allowed me to enhance my earning potential by tapping into a larger number of keywords. However, since Xomba has been growing steadily and becoming more focused as a writer’s website, we have the option of creating a niche for ourselves and becoming a feature writer in a particular category. Thus I am now exploring to write more professional articles in the Health and Medicine category of Xomba. That will be my goal for the third year on Xomba. I only hope that I will be able to live up to the expectations and high standards of Xomba.

The past year I have managed to strengthen the friendship and bond with the Buddies on my list, adding some more, and the list keeps on growing with writers from different parts of the globe. I have never before felt so strong a tie with a website than what I feel with Xomba. I am truly honored to be part of this site and am waiting eagerly for the new website design to be launched. All in all it has been a most incredible journey and experience of my life so far....And it is just the beginning.

If you really enjoy writing and are looking to make some money, then come and share this incredible journey with me on Xomba Here NOW!

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