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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Power of Xomba - I Have Just Been Mentioned on a News site

The Power of Xomba - I Have Just Been Mentioned on a News site

Xomba continues to amaze me even after two years on the site. When I put my byte regarding being published on Xomba I had the intent of promoting it, of course and was hoping that friends and buddies would help me by talking about the book. And as I was searching for my book titled "Enemy in the Ranks" on Google, I was surprised, rather shocked, to see one of the french world wide news website "Herald de Paris" carrying an article titled "Xomba for the rest of us" As I scrolled through the content I came to Xomba success stories and the entire content of the byte I had earlier written on the page. Seems like the original article was written for the Traveling Diva, which is a partner site for the Herald de Paris.

Wow, did that make my day. Here is the main page and have a look at the article here

Now if only someone would tell me who did it? Nick, was it you? or one of the users here on Xomba. I still can't believe being mentioned on a news website within two days of announcing my book. What more could I ask for?

This is the power of Xomba. Xomba is indeed great and I am sure, a sure shot path to success. So for all those still waiting, hang around. Xomba would do it for you.

The original post is published on Xomba and reproduced here with permission from Taprial.

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Heather said...

Heather here - thanks for the continued support of! And congrats on the articles! Xomba is committed to helping promote its writers. I'm glad to hear it is working for you. ~Heather

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