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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Xomba - New Social Networking Site Officially Launched

Xomba is a social networking site that was officially launched on 10th August 2009., a Site Designed Specifically for Writers, Revolutionizes the Way Writers Earn Money Online

"Xomba, Inc. announced today the release of their newly designed website which allows its members to earn money by publishing a variety of articles and content. Members publish articles on topics of interest to them, share their work within a community of writers and readers, and earn sums that far outweigh that of the average internet blogger."

This is an excerpt from the press release that was given out by Nick Veneris, Xomba CEO (owner). Read it here: New Social Networking Site Encourages Writers to Communicate, Write and Earn

I am very happy to be a part of this community of writers on Xomba as it definitely is the best option for any good writer who wants to make money and get a place to freely publish all their work with no hassles. The registration to the site is very easy and absolutely Free. All you need to do is set up a Google Adsense account which is also FREE. Once you have the Google Adsense account approved you can start making money and tracking your posts on a daily basis.

With the new website design, Xomba, has many new and exciting features added to it to suit the community needs. It has a social networking feature where the community can make friends, chat online, use instant messaging, private messages and also write on each others walls, much like Facebook.

Users can Read, Write and Earn Money by posting their "bytes" (Xombytes) and or links to other websites, articles, images, videos etc as "blurbs" (Xomblurbs) on the site. Each User has a unique profile page of their own where they can see all their friends, their own User Stats (how much work they have done) and also all the latest articles posted.

The website has a wide range of categories to provide articles and information on all topics, which are very easy to browse and very extensive in the data gathered so far by all the current users. Each category has a qualified Feature Writer assigned to it and I feel honored to say that I have been selected as the Feature Writer for the Health and Medicine Category. You can read my first feature post in this category - The Swine Flu Hoax and Conspiracy Theories – Will Vaccination Really Help Prevent This Disease?

Of course there are many other new features and facilities for the convenience of the users, guests and writers that can be appreciated only when you start using the site. I have been an active user of the site for the past 2 years or so and can vouch for the fact that this site is the best in terms of revenue generation through the Google Adsense program. You can read my personal experiences and review of the site here:

1. How I Spent a Most Memorable Year on Xomba

2. My Second Anniversary on Xomba – An Incredible Experience!

The site has helped me not only in my personal growth as a writer but also to achieve and accomplish my own personal goals and aspirations, including the opportunity to get on to the Road of Fame. You can see all my accomplishments in my Home Page - Rawnak's Home Page - The Inside Story You can see all the hard work that has gone in the past two years to accomplish all that I am today, and also get a "peak" as to the extent of possibilities and potential that Xomba offers that is unique and cannot be found elsewhere as of now.

Xomba enjoys a High Google page rank and so manages to get a lot of traffic to its site. This fact helps all the users and writers to also get equal opportunities to get their articles and posts ranked and indexed on all the search engines much higher than all the other such social networking and writer's sites. The potential is enormous and the time is just right to join this bandwagon RIGHT NOW, as the site is going to expand very quickly in the next few months and will also have many more new features added to the website to make it the BEST WEBSITE for writers on the internet. So, Hurry and get registered.

Show and tell has never been so Rewarding.

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