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Monday, December 14, 2009

Enemy in the Ranks is Now Available in the USA

Good news for my friends and readers in the USA. "Enemy in the Ranks", my action thriller novel is now available in the USA. It is not in the brick and mortar stores yet but it is available online at, a website which specializes in stocking south asian books. The online store is based in New York and hence the shipping costs are not high as against shipping from India which makes the shipping costs higher than the product cost. Check out the link below to buy "Enemy in the Ranks" by Varinder Taprial.


MJ Dakota said...

WooHoo!! I've been looking for this in the US! So happy to hear you have gone Global! And with my purchase I say, Merry Christmas to you and me! : )

taps said...

Thanks MJ, for the purchase and the good wishes. Wish a Merry Christmas to you too. Hope you enjoy reading the book.

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