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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who is Helping David Coleman Headley?

An excerpt from my book Enemy in the Ranks:

Rajen asked the man, “Were you in the office during the time
this application came?”
“Yes, but I was not the OS at that time. Someone else handled
the file.”
“Can you tell me what his name is now, the new one,
I mean?”
“Of course, it should be in here,” Mr Mahtre opened the file
and flipped the pages. After some time, he became frantic and
said, “Goodness gracious. The papers are missing.”

Remarkably similar to what has happened with the Headley papers missing from the Indian consulate in Chicago.

But then this is what usually happens when the insiders are colluding with the miscreants. They render all the help, put all the paperwork in order and when something goes wrong the papers or the files go missing. It doesn't really take a Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. So instead of looking for the file in the Headley case, the Indian government ought to be looking at who was the insider who sold the country away.

And if they are expecting any help from the US or the FBI, the Indian side is behaving in a real amateur fashion. History tells us that more often than not, it is the US which is playing games with other countries for their own selfish interests. There is talk about Headley being a rogue agent. Whether he is rogue or an agent who was very close to being caught and hence declared rogue, we will probably never know now.

India should be wary of all the players in this field, not knowing who is the enemy and who the friend is. We don't know for sure whether what is being played out is a part of drama being orchestrated by the US. We don't know whether US is helping India or Headley or just Pakistan by diverting attention from the constant blame for 26/11 that India is striving to put on Pakistan. But with the Headley papers missing from the Chicago consulate, one thing is sure that there is an Enemy in the Ranks, our ranks, who is helping terrorists to inflict mayhem in the country.

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