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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Top 10 Hot Toys For Your Kids This Christmas 2010

Christmas is just round the corner and hopefully you would have finished all your christmas shopping by now. For those who are still wondering, don't lose hope. Here is a list of the top 10 hot toys for your kids this Christmas 2010. Every year the markets are flooded with new and hot toys for kids during this holiday season. Check them out. You may just find the perfect gift for your kid right here, just a click don't waste anymore time. The most popular and hot toys for Christmas 2010 are given below.

1.  LEGO Harry Potter Sets:
Lego Harry Potter Sets

For all kids who are in love with Harry Potter and crazy about all things to do with Harry Potter related characters this would be the perfect gift. With the release of the latest Harry Potter movie this gift would be much in demand, and therefore highly recommended. It is available online at Amazon and the prices range from as low as $10.00 to as high as > $500. So pick the one that would suit your budget and kid. To check out the whole range of Lego Harry Potter Sets click on the link.

2.  XBox 360 Console (250 GB) With Kinect
Xbox 360 Console
For older kids who are into video gaming, the Xbox 360 (250 GB) console with Kinect is available on Amazon for $450. The console can be attached to your current Xbox. It is wholly voice-activated, has a 3-D camera and microphone that comes alongwith the system. Kids can run in place and throw objects as the games respond to both voices and movements, and turning it off is as simple as anything else inside this virtual world. A simple “Stop” command does the trick. Ain't that cool? So check out the Xbox console Kinect..

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Pink)
This is definitely one of the hot toys for kids this Christmas. Comes in three colors, pink, blue and silver and available on Amazon for $69.99. Ideal gift for preschoolers as it helps them develop skills within the world of reading comprehension skills, early numerical skills, develops creativity, improves phonics, writing and even spelling. A combination of great activities to help your child in almost every aspect of early childhood development. It’s a fun way to learn and the smart choice to help with kindergarten readiness. So check out all the Fischer-Price iXL Learning Systems including their software and some accessories at this link.

Fisher-Price The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs - Purple

Kids seem to love things that make noise, much to the annoyance of their parents..well you may not "dig" this toy but I can assure you it will be a hot choice for your kid. These small cute toys sing every time they are squeezed and what's more, when you put them together they can work with each other to recreate great songs. Available on Amazon in many attractive colors red, blue, yellow, pink and even hot pink and their price ranges from $11.92 - $16.82..So take your pick. Check out all the varieties of the cool Fischer-Price Sing-A-Ma-Jigs here...

Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey

This year Mickey seeems to have ousted Elmo as the favourite dancing toy for Christmas season. The hot new toy for your kid this Christmas will definitely entertain all through the year. This Fischer-Price Dance Star Mickey can walk, talk, and dance and several other things as well to keep your kid entertained. Watch Mickey come to life right before your eyes. With multiple songs, interactive activities, and silly humor, Mickey is sure to knock your socks off. Available online at Amazon for $89.49. So don't wait anymore, grab one before they all vanish...Fischer-Price Dance Star Mickey.

Kung Zhu Battle Arena   Kung Zhu Ninja Warrior Battle Armor Set of 4

Following the earlier Zhu Zhu Pets which were generally milder and for girls, these Kung Zhu Pets are rowdier. They are available in two different teams - The Special Forces and the Ninja Warriors and they each come with their own accessories and playsets to help them engage in battle...Available in Amazon for prices ranging from $12.74 - $29.99. Check out the whole range of toys available in this series of Kung Zhu Pets.

7. The New LEGO Star Wars Sets
LEGO Star Wars LOOSE Mini Figure Darth Vader with Silver Lightsaber

Who doesn't love the star wars clones and figures. Get the perfect Christmas gift for your kid. The LEGO company has come out with some great Star Wars Sets that will enthrall your kid and keep them entertained. There is a whole range of them that are available on Amazon from a little over  $10 - >$500...Choose the ones that suit your budget and kids..You can choose battle sets, tanks, mini figures, starfighters and many more...Check out the LEGO Star War Sets here.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS (with Bonus Darts)
If you select this toy, it is sure to be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2010. Another perfect chrostmas gift for your kids. The NERF toys have serious power that most kids are looking for and the handle acts as a bipod so that your child can get stability and range with every shot. The NERF N-Strike ECS comes with bonus darts and is fully automatic. A storm of darts can be unleashed from the extended 18-dart clip and reloading can be done in a hurry with three spares. Your child is sure to dominate any battle he encounters. Available on Amazon for $51.89...Check out all the others in the series too..The NERF N-Strike ECS along with accessories.

Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster
Bigfoot lives upto his name by its size of 14 inches, and what's more it is a "little" Monster with a "BIG" personality. For kids who love HUGE presents, this one will be the perfect Christmas hot toy. He can be real fun as he walks, talks, throws a ball, chews, burps and exercises. Yeah a toy does that too. Funny world, ain't it? That's not all, he can emote too..Oh yes, he gets angry, happy and sleepy too at times...What fun. Kids can bring him to life with an easy-to-use wireless remote control. The symbols on the buttons show you what BIGFOOT will do when you push them -- no reading required. Available on Amazon for a price of $84.99, BIGFOOT includes one (9.6Volt) NiMH rechargeable battery and battery charger. Remote Control requires 2 AA alkaline batteries. So, grab your Imaginext Bigfoot Monster today..Hurry!!

V.Reader Animated E-Book System

The V.Reader could be the perfect hot gift for christmas for kids of the ages 3-7 year old. eReader Systems are the top choice for adults and may now be considered as one of the hot toys for Christmas 2010 too. The Animated E-Book System by VTech is an interactive digital learning toy that encourages young kids ages three to seven years to learn to read and improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Know more about this vTech V.Reader Animated E-Book system at the link provided. Available on Amazon for $54.00 and includes V.Reader device, V.Reader pen, V.Reader Storybook cartridge, soft cleaning cloth, USB cable, user's manual.


Shawn said...

Add pokemon toys on your lists. Most kids loves collecting pokemon action figures.

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kanwarpriya said...

Thanks for the suggestion Shawn. Will be updating and making a new list soon. Thanks for the comment.

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