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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Social Chakras - A New Venture in Social Media Management Services

Hello, to all my readers! My apologies for the lack of getting any fresh posts up for a while and also wish a rather belated seasons greetings (Happy Diwali) to you all and hope that you have a prosperous new year. 

My life has been rather hectic and a bit chaotic, to say the least, these past few months as a lot of things changed, forcing me to also change my direction in life. Well, my husband and I have now decided to start something on our own, after having worked successfully on the internet for about four years now blogging, writing and authoring books. So we put our minds to work and came up with the idea of starting a social media management services company

It seemed the perfect choice and befitted our expertise and knowledge in the subject having worked with the social media for the last four years. It seems like an exciting and promising venture as the social media is still relatively new and is yet in the evolving stages, especially with respect to its usage by the businesses to gain the maximum leverage out of them. More so, in India most businesses are not even aware of the power of the social media yet and how they can increase their growth and profits by just getting an online presence. 

This is how our company "Social Chakras" came to be conceived last month and we managed to launch our official website on 1st Nov 2011. The concept, philosophy and logo of the company was conceived by Varinder Taprial and is based on the philosophy of the human chakras. Our company, Social Chakras provides holistic Social Media Management Services and is one stop solution for your entire social media/online presence needs for your business, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging or Twitter.

Holistic Social Media Management Services

We believe that similar to the human Chakras which are windows to our soul, there are seven distinct elements to the social media presence of a business which impact its performance. These elements are the windows to the soul of a business i.e. its customers, and we call these elements the Social Chakras. The study and management of these Social Chakras is vital to the holistic well being of a business. Read More

Along with the website, we have also started a blog for the company, where we hope to keep our readers and customers/clients updated on the latest happenings at Social Chakras and also in the world of the social media. So visit our website and blog for more details regarding our business and what we have to offer as services. Watch our Social Media Presentation Video.

Follow Social Chakras Here:


We are open to one and all who require our assistance in managing their social media profiles and online reputation. No business is too big or small for us. Even individuals, celebrities, authors, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs starting out in business are welcome to use our services. We offer flexible and customized packages to all our clients and hope to deliver results to suit their needs. So, don't hesitate to contact us or call us for your social media management.  Our Email - mailto: 
Call US NOW:   +91-22-65345740

Read the press release: Social Media Management Company, Social Chakras Launched

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