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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Congress UPA Decisive Victory Indian 2009 Lok Sabha Elections - Manmohan Singh To Continue as Prime Minister

The Indian voters across the country have given their mandate, and a very clear and decisive one at that. The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) party has won the Lok Sabha Elections of 2009 with a clear majority. BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), the second largest party in India has lost in this elections and could get nowhere close to a majority in the number of seats in Parliament.

At Present the congress (UPA) leads with 259 seats, Whereas BJP could muster only about 121 seats. Congress (UPA) has been declared as the winners of this election and it has been confirmed by the Chairperson, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, that Mr. Manmohan Singh will continue as the next Prime Minister. Manmohan Singh has now urged Rahul Gandhi to join in the Cabinet after the election win.

Mr LK Advani, the leader of the opposition party (BJP) had been contesting this elections with vigor and was hoping to become the next Prime minister. But, luck doesn't seem to be with him so far. He spoke to Mr. Manhmohan Singh to congratulate him on his victory and also has decided to retire from his post. He urged his party to find another suitable candidate to take his place as the next BJP Leader.

This elections has shown a clear trend that has never before been witnessed for the last decade or so. The country is looking for a stable government and has given a clear mandate. It is clear now that the Congress will rule for the next five years and will hopefully provide the much needed stability to our country and improve its economical situation.

Look at the recent election results all across the nation in these news bytes:

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

India Today – What's Happening?

May seems to be a real hot and happening month for India today.

1st of the month is usually celebrated as labor day and is a declared holiday for all workers. Well, it is a holiday season in any case, with all the schools being shut down for the summer break. All the school going kids are enjoying this month of vacations. Most families are either staying at their own homes or going somewhere cooler for beating the heat!

That's the high point of this month – Heat! Considering the fact that winter wasn't so cool at all, the temperatures are definitely soaring high. So, how does one beat the heat and stay cool? Well, for one you could have plenty of cool showers, or stay in the pool, have lots of cool drinks, juices, and water to stay hydrated. This is the season for Mangoes...And mangoes are good to keep you cool. Add some lime juice, and orange juice too. Have plenty of fruits like watermelons and papayas or even pineapples. Get creative and make some delicious milk shakes or juices, cocktails or mocktails to keep you cool throughout this heat and to help replenish your salt that gets depleted in your body when you sweat. Be careful not to get dehydrated this summer. Best advice for kids is to stay indoors during the sunny hours of the day and avoid getting a heat stroke.

Election Fever is on as the country (of the biggest democracy) goes to polls this month. All the political parties are busy trying to woo the voters in their respective constituencies. There are many contenders this time for the Prime Ministerial seat. L.K Advani, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, Narendra name a few. Well, looks like this time the politicians are much more ambitious than ever before. Media is trying its best to ensure that the educated masses come out to vote in this elections so that there are better candidates chosen to represent us in the parliament. But, unfortunately, if you go by the numbers of voter turnout, there doesn't seem to be much difference at all. Today is going to be a crucial day for the voters as UP (Uttar Pradesh) goes to the polls and the fate of Mulayam Singh Yadav hangs in balance. Soon, the voting will end in all states and the counting will start. What will be the fate of all the major political parties? Who will lead the country? Congress, BJP, Left, Right, Up or down....Whatever? Or will it again be a coalition of all small parties deciding the fate of India? All I can say is - God Save our Country!

Then there is the Cricket Fever that has gripped the nation. IPL (Indian Premier League) began in great earnest last month, well so what if it is not happening on our own soil? We have a very close relationship with South Africa. The common factor being Mahatma Gandhi who took part in their fight for equal rights. So, I guess it's no big deal to have the IPL in South Africa. Besides, all the matches are being telecast live on Sony Set Max Channel for the viewers back home, isn't it? This time it's all there. Cheergirls, Bollywood biggies, the likes of SRK himself, Priety Zinta, Shilpa Shetty with her Jhatkas and Matkas in the ad for the Rajasthan Royals (Winners of the last IPL season)! The Delhi Daredevils seem to be leading the pack, so far, closely followed by Deccan Chargers Hyderabad and Chennai Superkings. This is in sharp contrast to last years teams who were on top...Rajasthan Royals are in the fourth position as of now. Will they steal the cup yet again this year? Time will tell....! Till then enjoy the matches....Great way to beat the heat!

In the meantime, Ram Gopal Verma who is always in the center of some controversy or the other has gone and done it yet again with his new film – Rann. So, what's the blasphemy this time? Well, he has tampered with the lyrics of the National Anthem and added some new words to suit the current situation of India. So, will the censor board go snip, snip...or will they let it go? Is it really okay to play around with the National Anthem of the country in this manner? Or does it mean disrespect for the flag and the country? Does freedom of speech really allow you to go so far? Is it acceptable? What do you feel? Hey, RGV, looks like you've really done it this time.......!

Examination Fever...Yes, that's another fever that grips all the young aspiring students of our country this month as all the major entrance exams to most professional courses happen this month and will decide the fate of most students. The tenth and twelfth board exams are over and the students are now preparing for the next important exams...That seem to be more important than the board examinations. Looking at the current education system and its complicated admission criterias, its no wonder that most students are opting to go abroad for further studies, and even jobs eventually. Well, we can only wish them all the best!

Ahhh.. Yes...May is truly Hot and Happening here as Elections and Examinations both equally play a major role in deciding the future fate of India!

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