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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Enemy in The Ranks" by Varinder Taprial - Latest Action Thriller Fiction Novel Released, Purchase Online

Enemy in The Ranks is an Action Thriller Fiction Novel written by Xomba's very own esteemed member writer "Varinder Taprial". The good news is that this book has been released and is available online for purchase at select online book stores and shopping websites. The book is also available in the major metro cities all over India, so you can go to your nearest store and ask for the book. Even if the book is not available, you can ask your book shop to demand it from "Pustak Mahal" directly.

Check out the details about the book at

Be the first to review the book at any of these links:

If you own a blog or a website you could write a review for the book on it too...:-)

The book has been published by Cedar Books which is an imprint of Pustak Mahal and is priced Rupees 195/- only. If you place the order online the book will be shipped for free anywhere in India and within 15 days.

Check out the Book Trailer online here:

The book Enemy in The Ranks is also available for purchase online at any of these links:


Usually ships within 15 days.

Price: Rs. 195.00


[Get this book in 7 business days.
Special offer: Free shipping on this book]


Order now and get it delivered in 3 business days

Delivers to India and Selected Countries


Get a discount Discount(INR): 19.5

Final Price(INR): 175.5 at this bookstore online....Hurry! Order soon.


Get 15% off - Rupees 165.75/- Only

Shipping Charges - Rs 30/-

Shipped in 5 Days


This Product usually ships in 10 working days. Price - Rs 195/-
» Product Price inclusive of Shipping charges


Your Price : Rs 195.00

The book is now available in all Crossword stores in Mumbai.

Enemy in the Ranks was recently mentioned in the "recomended reading" books section of the DNA newspaper. Take a look:

The book will be available in more stores soon..Keep a lookout.

The Author can be contacted at

Need a "Author's Signed Copy", then write to e-mail address given above and place your order today!!

Cost Rs 195/- per copy. Shipping charges at actuals. Payment details will be forwarded on receipt of orders..Can pay by Paypal.

Original post on Xomba..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rave Reviews And Journey So Far - Enemy in the Ranks

It's been a month since the fiction novel Enemy in the Ranks was released and despatched for distribution. The book got immediate exposure after being featured in the books section of the Mumbai Daily DNA. Check out the snapshot of the page below

It has still not reached any of the bestsellers list but it has got some rave reviews from readers. You can read them all on my webiste

Here are a few of them

So engrossing, that I got late for office two days in a row!

Racy, fast paced and action packed. Reminded me of Alistair Mclean

Racy and pulsating - and great flow for a first novel!! Lucky that this is all fiction (hope so :-) - the end would definitely give some food for thought. Liked the subtle romance and the bollywood style 'coincidences' /incidental events to push the action ahead!! A thriller definitely!!

I got the book finally. Had little time since Diwali celebrations and kids/wife dragging me around , but whatever little I could read was spell binding , pacy and surely an indicative that your writing skills are top notch. Whatever I read so far , I see a great potential in you .. If I felt that Chetan Bhagat could round of all his narrations , your writing style is no less , in times to come , if you pursue writing , I see a parallel and equally worthy writer in you. Chetan Bhagat watch out !!! Strongly recommended.

Your novel is a different kind of a thriller - an indigenous one, set in the Indian navy -- and i am sure it will do well in the market and find its own readership - This one is from a journalist working with a leading newspaper of Mumbai.

Friends and relatives have also been largely impressed with the book and and say that they loved it and it has been one of the best they have read in a long time. However the veracity of these statements can not be verified, them being friends and relatives. However my biggest and the best critic, my wife, who had not read the book till the time we got the author copies, couldn't put the book down and finished it in one straight reading in about eight hours.

The book is now available in bookstores and many online stores. The online stores where it is available are as follows,,9519C/index.html

The book is competing against the books by the likes of Dan Brown, Hilary Mantel, Jeffery Archer, David Baladacci and Chetan Bhagat but I am sure it will stand up to the big names. Wish me luck!

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