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Monday, October 19, 2020

Halloween 2020 - Costumes, Gift Cards, Movies, Decorations, Candy & More....

Halloween 2020 is just round the corner! Halloween will be celebrated around the world on Saturday, the 31st October 20. According to the ancient traditions of this festival, people celebrate by lighting a bonfire and by wearing scary costumes to ward off ghosts. Kids go trick-or-treating door to door collecting candy. Homes are decorated with scary themes and lighting. Other activities include, hosting themed parties & scavenger hunts, watching scary movies indoors or outdoors, pumpkin carving etc..

This year 31st October 2020 falls on a Saturday,  which is a weekend & might prove to be perfect for Halloween as it also happens to be a Full Moon & a Blue Moon at that...The perfect setting for Halloween. Don't you think? But, this year we are also battling the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has forced us to think of new ways to celebrate festivals and yet to remain safe. And the best way to do that is to maintain social distance and yet manage all the fun activities in your neighbourhood. How can you do this?

For one, you could fulfil all your shopping needs for essential supplies from the Halloween Store on Amazon very easily, right from the safety and comfort of your home. No need to go out! Here's a checklist for you:

1.  Spooky Candy: - The Hershey's Halloween Shop has all the different types of candy that you might need.

2. Scary Costumes for Men, Women & Kids: - Select from a wide range of scary costumes

Rubie's Adult Official Jurassic World     Just Love Adult Onsie Pajamas: Women                                      
Inflatable Dinosaur Costume.  Men    

Spooktacular Creations Child Unisex Glowing 
Eyes Reaper Costume for Creepy Phantom 
Halloween Costume for Kids
3. Supplies & Decor: - This store has everything you might need..from decorations (indoor, outdoor), balloons, halloween decor paper lanterns etc...Check it out.

4. Pumpkin Carving Kits: Professional Pumpkin carving Kits with heavy duty stainless steel tools with carrying case: 

5. Gift Cards for Halloween: Get Halloween Gift Cards that can be printed right at your home...You can send these by Email, Email or Text Or Print at Home.

6. Scary Movies to Watch: Check out the Entertainment  Section for great movies that you can watch at home or screen outdoors along with required accessories.

7. Halloween Games for Kids: If you are looking for some innovative games, ideas for hosting a kids party then you may want to check out the "Toys and Games Store" for Halloween.

8. Cooking & Baking: Check out the Cooking & Baking Accessories available for making great Halloween shaped cookies or candies at home. 

Well, with all these things pretty sure you could have a rocking Halloween Party Celebrations this year..!! 

Happy Halloween Folks...👹

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Super Bowl LV 2021 - Location, Date, Time & Live Streaming!

The Super Bowl LV 2021 is the 55th instalment of the NFL Championship Game that is scheduled to be played on 7th February 2021. The event will be hosted in the sunshine state of Tampa Bay, Florida for the second consecutive year at the Raymond James Stadium

This will be the third Super Bowl to be hosted at Raymond James Stadium, and first in 12 years. This will also mark the fourth time in the league history that the Super Bowl will take place in the same state in back-to-back years, & first time since 2009 - 2010, when Florida hosted the Super Bowl in consecutive years.

Last year, Kansas City Chiefs played the final game against San Fransico 49ers and won their first Lombardi Trophy in decades. (Super Bowl LIV)

When is Super Bowl LV?

Super Bowl LV will be played on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. ET.

Well, now the official date, time and location has been declared, it's time to start making plans...Visit the official site of NFL to get information regarding buying Tickets, which are available only at this site...

Super Bowl Tickets & Experiences

On Location Experiences is the official Hospitality Provider for the NFL and you can buy your Tickets online at their site: with exclusive pregame hospitality parties & with access to NFL legends included with every ticket, optional Tampa Hotel accommodations, and much more. On Location is your one-stop shop for a trip to Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

Four time Super Bowl Champion & three time Super Bowl MVP Joe Montana is to Headline On Location the Pregame Parties. You will be able to get the Ultimate Super Bowl experience only with On Location. The only place to buy official game tickets, pregame parties inside the security perimeter and steps from the stadium for a seamless game day experience. 

Where to Watch Super Bowl LV 2021?

The Super Bowl LV will be broadcast on CBS. This will be the second time in three seasons that the network will host the Super Bowl. 

The Live Streaming will be done on CBS All Access

You can also get all Super Bowl LV related latest breaking news, updates and news at

Check out the entire NFL Game Schedules, venues, teams and Tickets for each game at:

Week 6 is here in the NFL, and and SportsLine are breaking down every single game...

Check out the Super Bowl Merchandise on Amazon. 


Pradeep Bhandari Detained at Khar Police Station - Infringement of Freedom of Expression??!!

“ऊपर से ऑर्डर आया है” (orders from above - from seniors) was being repeated again & again on the TV yesterday by Republic Channel, and this is not the first time. These statements were made by the police for justifying detention of Pradeep Bhandari a Consultant Editor at Republic Network Channel at the Khar Police station for more than 9 hours yesterday where he was interrogated and they also seized his personal phones.

It is a flimsy excuse, or maybe I think it flimsy, from my involvement with the Indian Navy. The Navy rules made it clear, thereby instilling confidence in the personnel, that they would not be punished simply because they did not obey an order. The act clarifies that an infringement of rules is committed only on “Wilful disobedience of a lawful order”. 

Should this not apply to politicians, bureaucrats, police and even corporate? It is a fact that some folks, some times, end up on the wrong side of stick because they thought it wiser to follow the boss’s instructions. Then, why wouldn’t organisations want this clause to be included in the policies. 

The no-retaliation policy touted by HR of various companies as their commitment to ethical behaviour is post-facto and though helps to a certain extent, does not give the freedom to say NO. Isn't this an infringement on our Right to Freedom of Expression? To simplify this, what it means is that when an order is "unlawful" then the persons or individuals who are entrusted with the task to carry out this "unlawful" order, must have the right to say NO, and thereafter should NOT be punished for doing so.

Incorporation of freedom to disobey an unlawful order in the policies is a must do for organisations committed to honesty, integrity & employee welfare. This would empower loyal & honest individuals who are devoted to the organisation. 

Is it too much to ask?? 

Article by Cdr. Varinder Taprial :- Retired Indian Navy Officer

The Great Indian Festival 2020 is Here!

The Great Indian Festival of 2020 is here! Well, I am talking about two festivals here, one is the actual Hindu Festival called Navratri, that is celebrated for nine nights & ten days every year during the autumn. This festival is also synonymous with "Ram Lila" and Dussehra in the Northern and Western states of India that celebrates the battle and victory of God Rama over the demon Ravana.

So let me begin by wishing all of you a very Happy Navaratri today being the first night. This festival will be celebrated all over India from 17th October to 25th October 2020. Since this festival marks an auspicious period in the Hindu Calendar, people use this occasion to shop for gifts, ornaments, jewellery, dresses, electronic items etc. 

In tune with these sentiments of Indians during this festival time, Amazon brings it's Great Indian Shopping Festival every year on its Indian Portal for all its consumers, offering all kinds of great deals, bargains, and offers in all categories of shopping. So folks, this is the second festival that I am talking about, and will expand on the great offers that you can get on Amazon from today!

Check out the great offers and deals on Electronic Items where you are getting upto 60% off on electronic Items and accessories. At the Electronic Store, you can find a wide range of electronic products of all the top brands, ranging from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Televisions, Headphones, Laptops, Computers & Accessories etc...

Amazon is offering upto 40% off on Mobile Phones. There are some really great offers on a daily basis on the site, and you could snatch a really great product that you had been wanting to buy, but kept pushing due to the price. Wait no more...The Mobile Phone Store offers good exchange offers, No cost EMIs, Total Damage Protection and great prices. They also have tie-ups with HDFC Bank Cards offering extra discounts of 10% upto 10000/-Rs that is instant discount and Bonus Offer. 

Smartphones & Basic MobilesFind a wide selection of mobiles including Android Mobiles, Dual SIM Mobiles and Mobiles under Rs.10,000. You can also find a great selection of brands including Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Nokia, HTC and more...Click on the textlinks provided to check them out on Amazon store online...Happy Shopping!! 

So, if you have been waiting to buy that new iPhone in the market, or a new Android smartphone at a best price, then this is the best place to find it. Last year, I purchased the iPhoneXR at a bargain price from amazon for my son, and I got a great exchange price for the old iPhone about 14000/-Rs which included some bonus also for using Amazon Pay to transfer the exchange amount into it. Thereafter, I used this Amazon Pay amount to buy the new phone from amazon, which I got at the best price as compared to market rates at that time.


                                                OnePlus Nord 5G (Gray Onyx, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) - (Product) RED (EarPods & Power Adapter in The Box)

But, if you want an economical phone, then the Best Buy recommended by Amazon as the BESTSELLER is this Smartphone: Redmi Note 8 (Space Black, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)
With Free Delivery in one day with Amazon prime...So folks, Do check out these great offers on Amazon during this festival period, for great gifting options for upcoming Diwali too...I will update you all on the other great deals and discounts and offers that are ongoing on Amazon at the moment, in another post...Do stay tuned.  

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Why I Love Shopping On Amazon


Let me tell you how I got hooked to Amazon for all my shopping needs. I have to admit that initially I wasn't all that into online shopping, still being very conservative in my thinking and sticking to the physical stores nearby for all my needs and basic shopping requirements. 

© Donald Trung Quoc Don (Chữ Hán: 徵國單) - Wikimedia Commons.(Want to use this image?) / CC BY-SA (
Reason being, I could see exactly what I was buying and maybe even try to negotiate (for certain items) for a better deal, get a better bargain and pay directly to the shop owner with my preferred method of payment. I did not have to worry about my card details being misused online, or being overcharged and later having to run around for getting a refund or having to report a fraudulent transaction to my bank or the e-commerce site.

However, times have changed drastically in the last decade or so bringing online shopping to the forefront and I have to admit that it has definitely improved the customer experience in the form of ease of shopping right from your home. I slowly got sucked into Amazon recently, mainly due the forced lock down situation and found it very convenient, prompt, easy and comforting to know that I could order essential supplies right from the comfort of my home and have it delivered right at my doorstep in a clean and hygienic manner. I didn't need to worry about any aspect of the shopping online: be it choosing a product, adding quantities, checking out securely by many options of payment methods, that included Amazon Pay, Netbanking, or via Credit/Debit Card secure transaction. 

They also have a very easy Refund policy for items that are cancelled either by you or for products that could not be shipped due to any other reason. They are very professional about every aspect of the sale, and make sure that you don't have any hassle while shopping at their site. One can also Return items through their "Return Policy" guidelines, which is also very well managed, and their customer care team are always there to help at any point for your queries.

During this Lock down period from the month of March in India, I tried many different platforms like Big Bazaar, Big Basket, DMart etc...and found them very frustrating as they just promptly closed shop, or it was very frustrating to get their app set up on the mobile to start shopping. Even once I had the mobile App installed, I had to "wait" for a "time" slot to start adding stuff to my cart...and there was no guarantee that I would get all the stuff I added. Also these services were made available to our locality on certain days of the week only. The other major setback I faced was the need to keep charging their wallet in advance before I could add products to my shopping cart. It was then that I discovered that Amazon was delivering essential supplies via the Amazon Pantry (New Addition), which made life more comfortable and easier to shop from one place and not have to worry about anything else. 

Now, I am a big fan of amazon online shopping and have since then purchased so many products from the comfort of my home, and even subscribed to the Amazon Prime Membership so that I could qualify for certain deals and bargains on Amazon and also get free and express delivery of most items that qualify for amazon Prime Members...Now most of my products are shipped free of delivery charges and I get them either the next day itself or within a few days depending on items purchased. 

So now you know why I love to shop on Amazon...Download the Amazon app today! And check out these cool Discount Coupons available on Amazon for shopping in different categories like electronics, fashion, home makeover etc...
Amazon coupons



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