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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Bytes in March

Dear Readers,

A lot of rapid changes in the internet and networking world has forced online writers and bloggers like myself to take a step back and reflect upon the changes. The Panda update in the beginning of the year 2011 caused a serious setback to the writers who were solely depended upon the Google adsense for their earnings via content sharing sites. I was affected too and due to several changes that took place as a result in the rules and regulations of the posting policies of these content sharing sites, I decided to stop writing for a while to watch how things would unfold.

My personal life too went through a lot of rough patches and nothing seemed to be going right in the year 2011. I started the year on a bad note with health issues, followed by family issues and to top it all my husband was forced to quit his job as the company that he was working for couldn't afford to pay his salary anymore. It took him six months and thousands of job applications before he got another good offer. 

The world too had a bad start in the year 2011 with the Japan earthquakes and Tsunami that devastated and destroyed thousands of families and homes. The year followed through with many more natural disasters and a supermoon to top it all. We lost the most romantic legend of Bollywood "Dev Anand" just before the year ended. All in all it was a "tragic" year as far as I am concerned. It was probably the worst year of my life. Everything came to a standstill, including my writing and my earnings from Adsense. 

But the year 2012 dawned with a new promise of hope, faith and good tidings. I have decided to continue with my blogs. So do keep visiting for fresh updates of what's happening around the globe.

The social networking scenario is changing rapidly, not to say that I am very comfortable with all the changes. The way people are communicating with each other today has changed drastically from what it used to be when we were teenagers. Being a bit old-fashioned, I must say that things are a wee bit too fast paced and "intrusive" than what it was in our time. There seems to be less and less of privacy these days, in fact people seem to not mind airing their views or thoughts or a glimpse into their private lives online, in the form of minute-by-minute status updates and personal pictures. Everybody seems to know what everybody else is upto...the latest form of gossip (firsthand).

Also it is a little disturbing to see the effects that a social networking site has on the behavior patterns of individuals. This would definitely make an interesting topic for research for a student of sociology. It goes without saying that social networking is affecting the psyche of individuals in more ways than one, which can prove to be disastrous or good depending on the way it is being used. Most people seem to be getting addicted to it and are becoming voyeurs. But, in the end...where will this social networking take us all as a society and what effects it will have upon our civilization and culture, I guess only time can tell. But somebody somewhere needs to give this a serious thought, most definitely.

Looking forward to a happening year ahead and lots of good things to come....

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