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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watch Wimbledon 2011 Championship Live Online - Men and Women Singles

Wimbledon 2011 is celebrating the 125th year of Lawn Tennis Championship that was hosted by The All England Lawn Tennis Club since 1877, characterised by its green grass, smart white clothing, and the purple and green colors of the Club. The championship has a rich history and tradition proudly carried forward through the centuries to this day.

Apparently, "there were no Championships held between 1915-1918 and 1940-1945 due to the First World War and Second World War."

Among the great legends of the championships, the name that comes to the fore is Bjorn Borg to me as I watched all his games since the time I remember from his era of winning the Singles Championship between 1976-1980.  And then, I became a great fan of John McEnroe who took over the seed from Borg in 1981-1984, and also won the Doubles Championship five times. Today, it is Rafael Nadal who is reigning at the top since 2008.

Among the Women Championships, my three favorites were Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf. Of course, they were followed by others like the Williams sisters: Venus Williams and Serena Williams. (2008)

Wimbledon 2011 Championship - All England Club

Image Courtsey: Wikimedia Commons attributed by Barry Shimmon under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license

This year, the Wimbledon championship will begin from 20th June - 3rd July. So, be ready to catch all the action live online and on TV shown by ESPN and BBC. You can follow all the action on BBC TV, HD, Red Button, online and Radio 5 Live and Radio 5 Live sports extra, and for the first time in 3D.
According to this news report, "The BBC will broadcast the men's and women's singles finals at this year's Wimbledon Championships live in 3D. The free-to-air broadcast will be available to anyone who has access to a 3D TV set and HD Channels." You can watch it live on BBC One and BBC Two Online in BBC HD, which is a latest feature.

You can stay tuned to the BBC official site for more details including live scores online for all the Wimbledon Championship matches being played.

There are just five days left to the start of the Championship. Those of you who are still trying to get tickets to the event can visit the official Wimbledon website for details as to the ticket prices, venue, and online ticket sales. You can get all the latest news, media and live scores online at this site.

The entire event will also be covered in great detail by ESPN network. Follow it on and also on You will be able to watch the Wimbledon championship matches live online at

Well, hope you are all set to tune in to your favorite channel and cheer for your favorite players this year. The top players this year headed for the Wimbledon 2011 are quite predictably Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer. No surprises there! So yet it going to be Nadal or Federer?

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Quit Smoking on World No Tobacco Day - May 31st

May 31 is observed as No Tobacco Day, and to commemorate this day, World Health Organisation has selected "The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" as its theme this year. The guidelines provided in this convention will provide the foundation for countries to implement and manage tobacco control. 

Did you know that around 6 million people die from the use and exposure to tobacco smoke (that includes passive smoking as well), which relates to almost one death every six seconds. Apart from this, 63% of deaths have been attributed to Noncommunicable diseases (NCD), for which tobbacco use is the greatest risk factor, after high blood pressure. 

"Each year, over 430,000 people die as a result of a smoking-related disease. Yet, over 50 million continue to smoke, including over 3 million teens. An estimated three thousand teenagers begin to smoke each day, and one thousand of them will eventually die as a result. According to the American Lung Association, cigarette smoking leads to 87% of lung cancers, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Healthcare and lost productivity costs of $97.2 billion dollars per years arise from smoking related illnesses. Cigarettes contain over 19 known cancer-causing chemicals in addition to nicotine." Read More on "How smoking harms your body."

Adverse Effects of Tobacco Smoking on Body
Image Courtsey: Wikimedia Commons

The use of tobbacco or nicotine can have very harmful effects on the body. It is very important to understand these harmful effects and to increase the awareness in the general population, therefore the day of May 31 2011 is being observed as "No smoking day or No tobacco day." Tobacco products are dose-dependent and depend more on abuse rather than simple use. More importantly, the nicotine that is found in substantial amounts in tobacco products can be attributed to cause the addiction among smokers to such an extent that its addictive potential has been equated with heroine, morphine and cocaine.

Nicotine is rapidly absorbed through the lungs of a smoker and also readily absorbed through the oral mucosa under the alkaline conditions normally found in cigar, pipe and smokeless tobacco use, a fact which is less publicized. Once the nicotine enters the blood stream, it acts upon the central nervous and cardiovascular systems regardless of the method of its absortion. Of course, the smoking and chewing of tobbaco can cause cancer of the oral mucosa, is a wide known fact.

It goes without saying that the use of tobacco can harm every part of your body adversely. It damages the heart and the circulatory system, lungs, oral mucosa that includes the teeth and the gums, causes ulcers of the digestive system, affects bones causing osteoporosis and can also damage the kidneys indirectly due to the high blood pressure caused due to smoking.

Symbol of World No Tobacco Day - Fresh Flowers in an Ashtray.
The symbol for "No Tobacco Day" is a Rose in an Ashtray".
(Image Courtsey:

In women, excessive smoking can affect the reproductive system wherein their fertility is compromised and menopause occurs one to two years earlier. It also increases the risk of cervical cancer. Even more serious are the risks to an unborn child if the mother smokes during pregnancy, as it increases the chances of miscarriage. The infants born to mothers who smoke are at risk of low borth weight, prematurity, cleft lip and palate, infections and SIDS. The reproductive system of men also gets affected causing decreased sperm count and in some cases also impotency.
"No Tobacco Day" will be welcomed in many different ways in all the countries in order to create awareness and urge people to quit smoking. Releasing posters, flyers and organising walks, events and talks are some of the ways that this will be accomplished.

Here are some useful links and resources for more information:

The Burning Mouth Syndrome Remains a Mystery

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is described as a scalding sensation in the tongue, lips, palate or throughout the mouth, which can be very painful and frustrating. This is the same feeling that one gets after drinking something hot and burning the tongue and mouth. The only difference being that in normal circumstances, the scalding sensation subsides within a day or two, whereas in the condition of the burning mouth syndrome, it continues to persist for months to years.
It can affect anyone, but mostly occurs in middle-aged or older women and often occurs with a range of medical and dental conditions, from nutritional deficiencies and menopause to dry mouth and allergies. However, its connection and the exact cause of burning mouth syndrome are still very unclear and cannot be identified with any certainty.

According to a recent study, the damage to the nervous system during menopause may be to blame. "The cause of BMS is currently unknown, but our findings support the theory that this is a neuropathic condition," says lead study author Gary D. Klasser, DMD. "For reasons unknown, it seems that the BMS patient's nerves are not sending and/or processing information correctly there's a short circuit in the nervous system and the brain can't turn off the pain receptors."

The article with the findings of this study was published in the May/June 2011 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).

According to the report, nearly 5 percent of Americans were affected by BMS and suffered from a constant burning sensation most commonly on the top of the tongue, lower lip, and roof of the mouth. Although it affected both the sexes, but it was found to affect the women seven times more than men in their menopausal and post-menopausal years.

"For a small percentage of women, it is these hormonal changes that may alter taste and the way in which a person interprets pain," says Dr. Klasser. "The alterations may be enough to start the cascade of events that lead to BMS."

Since the condition lacks any physical evidence, it can be very difficult for many health practitioners to recognize the condition, diagnose it and manage BMS effectively. Most of the health practitioners may not even be familiar with this condition. This causes many patients to leave the doctors office in frustration and remain untreated.

"Besides reporting oral burning, patients describe experiencing a dry, gritty feeling in the mouth, as well as alterations in taste," says AGD Spokesperson Eugene Antenucci, DDS, FAGD. Fortunately, “BMS is not a matter of life or death, but a matter of quality of life”, says Dr. Antenucci. Patients who suffer from this condition should seek out a dentist or health practitioner who has experience and knowledge about this condition for its effective treatment and management. And although there is currently no cure for this condition, the symptoms can be managed quite effectively with the help of topical and systemic medications. The patients are advised to consult their doctor to determine the medication that is best suited for them.

Drinking lots of water throughout the day is a very effective way to help alleviate symptoms of Burning mouth syndrome, without taking medication, as it keeps the mouth lubricated. In addition, avoid spicy food, hot and acidic foods that can aggravate the symptoms or chew on sugarless gum to increase the flow of saliva in the mouth. Tobacco and alcohol products are also known to cause irritation to the oral tissues and therefore its best to avoid them.

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Living In Sin And Luxury Waiting to Get Raptured

Life was getting pretty dull and boring and a tad monotonous. Oh, you know what I mean, nothing exciting really happening in my life, unless you can call checking the mail maybe a dozen times in the day (what am I expecting? Maybe a sudden lottery that would change my fortune and tides?). Well, goes without saying that didn't happen...hmm..well atleast not till now but am still hopeful. Other than that, no nothing exciting ever happens on facebook either. Then, suddenly one fine day, I found a mail in my inbox that said something about Jesus coming back on May 21st and that it would be the day we would get "Raptured" (whatever that means).

Okay, I must say, that shook me a bit. At least I was curious enough to start doing some research on the subject and found many articles (much to my surprise) covering the topic from all angles. Apparently, a guy named Harold Camping was responsible for starting all these rumors and panic among people. The world was going to end on 21st May 2011 according to his predictions (based on some vague calculations of years and time interpreted from the Bible). Was this possible? Only time would tell.

When I found out about this piece of news, it was around the beginning of the second week of May and my son had just got his summer break from school. So, we were in the process of planning a holiday. Well, seeing that only a few days remained before we were all to get "Raptured", I thought why not live these last few days in pure luxury and sin. So, we packed our bags and loaded them in our car and set off for the hills nearby.

The day we left, the sky was overcast and remained so for the entire drive, making it a very enjoyable and pleasant journey. Our first destination was to Sula Vineyards in Nashik where we had booked a delux room for ourselves for two nights. The package included all three meals and had all kinds of amenities to keep yourselves occupied. There was a spa, a game room with a pool table, a swimming pool, bicycles to go down to the lake nearby or simply cycle around the hills, a gym and a reading room. They gave us free coupons for a tour to the vineyards and wine tasting as well.

Sunset Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Well, it goes without saying, we did everything. Ate all three meals heartily, yeah..I forgot for a while that I was supposed to be dieting. Who cares, right? The world was going to end, who cares if I am a few pounds heavier or lighter? I indulged myself with an invigorating back and neck massage at the spa, and told her to throw in a foot massage as well, now that I was here. Wow, that felt like pure bliss, I can tell you. I had never had a massage earlier, and now I can understand why women run to the spa whenever they can. I don't blame them. I told myself, I would definitely do this again, if I am still alive after 21st May. We also saw the most glorious sunset from our room in the evening while sipping on a bottle of sparkling wine. Now, that's what I call life. Good food, wine and lazing around!

After two days of bliss, we headed to Pune city where we had booked ourselves into a five-star luxury hotel managed by Taj. Well, quite obviously staying in a five star hotel is a luxury that we had never seen, so this was quite a treat for three days (the third day being added as complimentary in the package by the hotel). So, on May 21st, the day we were supposed to die or get "Raptured" we started the day with the complimentary breakfast and tasted all the food that was spread out on the buffet. Hmmm..Must say, it was definitely worth it. Thereafter we drove around the city exploring the sights and markets. Also met up with some long lost friends in the evening and had a great dinner with them. Sat up till late night chatting and laughing and in the end wound up in bed tired and exausted with all the excitement.

21st May 2011 came and went. Nothing happened. We were all still alive and kicking. The world was intact. No Jesus least we don't know if he did. We were ready to hog at breakfast again...!

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