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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Clipart For Christmas and Santa Clause

Here are some cute Christmas and Santa Clause Free Clipart and images that you can use to make specially cute greeting cards to all your special friends and relatives. I Wish all my readers a "merry Christmas," and hope that you all have a really good Holiday with your near and dear ones!
Click on the images to enlarge and download.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Desi Brides in Western Gowns!

The Indian brides till date were seen in the traditional bridal wear for all their ceremonies. Their selections were always centered around the lehengas and the sarees for the engagement, and pheras. But the modern bride (latest fashion trend) has now decided to expand her horizon and wardrobe to include the western "gown", complete with trails and veils, which can be worn in ceremonies abroad. This bridal gown can be worn during the ring ceremony and the more traditional outfits are worn for the actual wedding ceremony.
This change of mindset of the desi bride has come with the entry of international clothing chains into the Indian market. As a result, the Indian Hindu brides are now beginning to adopt this fusion of Indian-western wear for their wedding ceremonies!

What Do Women Look For in a Relationship?

I have read a number of articles on the topic of "What women Want or Look for in a Relationship" and the point that is brought out in most of these articles is that women need to be pampered by flowers, gifts, romantic notes etc..!

Now, I don't refute this outright, but being a woman myself I do not completely agree with this way of going about in a relationship. A relationship between two people is special if they "connect" with each other instantly. There exists a chemistry between the couple, and this is what helps them to stick to each other! No matter, if you don't get her flowers or a gift or send romantic notes! Yes, they do add to the romance, but only if you are already into each other!

What I am trying to say here is that if a guy is trying to hit on a girl that he finds attractive, then just by giving her flowers etc.., won't get him anywhere with her, unless she's equally attracted to him. Instead, the best way for a guy to get a girl's attention would be to charm her and be a perfect "gentleman". A girl loves to feel "special". So, make her feel special by being extra sensitive to her feelings, emotions, and showing her that you care by your small thoughtful actions, could go a long way in making a place for yourself in her heart.

Romance is something that all women love. Men need to bring romance into the woman's life. Romance is not just going for a candle light dinner on a full moon night. Romance, according to me, is what the man makes the woman feel during the time he spends with her,which could be anywhere on earth. Romance is when the man leaves the woman enough to dream and fantasize about and keep on wanting more of him.......!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Corporate Education a New Trend in India!

Corporate Education a New Trend in India!

The industrial sector in India is growing at a much faster pace than what we are able to cope with in the terms of providing adequate and trained or skilled manpower (Human resources) to these companies. In order to overcome this shortage, a few companies like Mahindra $ Mahindra and Videocon, are planning to set up engineering colleges, five campuses of Mahindra college of Engineering in states like Chandigarh, Goa, and Maharashtra to begin with. The College in Chandigarh is expected to begin its sessions by the next academic year in June, 2008. The Videocon company following suit is also in the process of setting up two finishing schools for Engineers and technicians. Mahindra & Mahindra is expecting to invest Rs 250 Crores for the entire project, whereas Videocon is starting its project with an investment of about Rs 85 crores.

Soon, corporate education is going to be the new trend. Companies will realize that its better to train their own people right from the start and nurture them in their own brands. This is a fresh approach to the problem of ending unemployment and also increasing the standard of education in the country and using our own brains to uplift the country's economy. This will also attract students to stay on in India and look to a brighter future than going abroad. All the companies stand to gain from this as the students can be picked from these colleges. As stated by Mahindra & Mahindra, that in this project each campus will have speciality in different disciples and the intention is to tackle shortage of manpower, not only for the group but also for the overall industrial sector in the country. The students would not only be guaranteed absorption in the M&M group but also have the opportunity of other companies who are welcome to poach these students. This is really great news for all the fresh aspirants out there! Grab this opportunity!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Robot Will Now Teach Dentists to Feel Pain!

The future dentists in Japan may now soon be able to better appreciate patient’s pain by training on a high-tech dental patient which is a medical simulated Robot named Simroid. This robot can mumble words like “ouch” when the drill hits a nerve. Simroid is made to look like an attractive woman with long black hair and a pink sweater who can listen to instructions and also react to pain by moving her eyes or hands. Male dentists beware! Don’t try getting fresh with this robot because it can react to that too!

This robot was presented in Tokyo at the 2007 international Robot Exhibition that was held recently. This Robot has been designed for use in the clinical training at dental schools.

Japanese Dentists Unveil the Fast Dental ID System

Japanese Dentists Unveil the Fast Dental ID System

Japanese Scientists have come up with a new device that would help, by vastly speeding up the identification from the dental records, of victims of trauma and other disasters. How it works is like this: The computerized device will scan images of victim’s teeth and align them with pictures from unidentified people’s dental records and look for a match. This new system will help speed up the process of identification by automatically comparing the image of the victim’s teeth with other dental records that exist and offer a match in less than four seconds.
Dr. Eiko Kosuge, who is a dentist and radiologist at Kanagawa Dental College in Japan, led the study. This system will help reduce the workload of the forensic experts by 95%.

MBBS, BDS Courses Now To Be Extended by One Year

· The MBBS course, in India, which was of 5 and half years duration, is now going to be extended by another year (6 and half years), as per the Rural Health Mission according to a proposal made by the Union Health Minister. 

· As per the new recommendation the additional year would involve an internship in the rural areas, which would be of four months each at a Primary Health Centre, Sub-District hospital and a District Hospital respectively.

· A stipend of Rs 8,000/- per month will be paid to the interns.

· Actions taken so far: - 

1. A high-level committee has been set up by the Union Health Minister, Ambumani Ramadoss, to take opinions from 12 states on the matter.
2. The committee was met with stiff opposition from representatives of teachers, resident doctors, students and IMA when they visited Mumbai on November 21.
3. Other States who are also joining in the protests are Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and parts of Maharashtra that includes Aurangabad, Nagpur, kolhapur, and Solapur

With these changes being made in the medical education, Dentistry cannot be left behind and therefore it comes as no surprise that the Dental Council of India (DCI) increased the duration of the BDS course from 4 years to 5 years with immediate effect. Earlier, the course was for 4 years followed by one year of internship. However, the new regulation has scrapped the internship altogether. In all there are about 20,000 BDS students across 260 dental colleges in India.

Thousands of dental students have been taken completely by surprise by this move. They are now apprehensive of many factors that include the fees, and whether they would get enough of practical training. Earlier, the dental interns too got a stipend equal to the medical interns. But with this new ruling, they will no longer be called interns and therefore it is doubtful if they will get any stipend in their final year. Nothing to this effect has been mentioned in the regulations. They say that the fees will now be distributed evenly throughout the five-year period.

The DCI has justified its action by saying that the syllabus has undergone a sea change. However, a former general secretary of the MARD (Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors), Dr. Akash Akinwar believes that the decision is questionable as most of the private dental colleges have no infrastructure for internships, so they may be lobbying to get it scrapped all together.

The DCI has also come out with another regulation according to which the lecturers will now have to work for four years instead of three years to get promoted to the post of a Reader. (This regulation is still under consideration).

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