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Blogging And Making Money Online

A Beginner's Guide To Blogging & Making Money Online 

Varinder Taprial / Priya Kanwar

ISBN 10: 81-223-1110-5
ISBN 978-81-223-1110-5
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About The Authors:

Commander Varinder Taprial was born in the city of Chandigarh in 1967. He is an Electrical engineer and has been in active service in the Indian Navy for the last 22 years. He is currently living in Mumbai with his wife and son. He can be contacted at

Priya Kanwar is a dentist and an avid blogger who has been writing and earning on the Internet for the last three years. She has a few Blogs of her own and is a featured writer on where she uses the moniker “Rawnak”. She has written this book to share her acquired knowledge and experience with others. She is married to Varinder Taprial and likes to write in her maiden name.

About The Book:

This book teaches people how to start blogging and earning money on the Internet. The book will be helpful for those who have not yet started using the Internet as a medium of expression through blogging and social networking and also those who have been blogging but not leveraging their efforts to earn money.

The book will help a layman to

* Start using Email
* Open and maintain a Blog
* Blogging Etiquette and Writing Tips
* Earn Revenue from your blog
* Handy tools to review your performance
* Use Revenue sharing websites to make money online
* Use Social Networking Sites to expand your reach
* Promote your blog and content online
* Use Affiliate Networks And Programs to generate money

Who This Book Is For

* Homemakers

* Unemployed youth

* Students

* Retired personnel

* Anyone wanting to make extra money

Excerpt From the Book:

Chapter 1 


Internet has changed the way we communicate, do business and also opened a host of opportunities for individuals as well as enterprises. In this book we will not talk about the way organizations, businesses and enterprises use the Internet but will restrict ourselves to the way individuals can exploit the Internet to their advantage.

First things first, before the reader gets impatient, yes, it is possible to make money online using the Internet without investing any money, other than the cost of your Internet connection. Of course, it goes without saying that one still requires investing a little time, hard work, consistency and brains. There are no shortcuts or easy ways to make money anywhere, so why should it be any different on the Internet. The only difference here is that one can easily choose to work at his or her own convenience from the comfort of a home or even your office. The only requirement is that of a computer and an Internet connection.

The next question that arises in the mind is to know if one needs to have any specific qualifications or educational background in order to start working online and making money. How does one make a start? Who can make money online? These questions are all easily answered. For one, there is absolutely NO qualification needed or a specific educational requirement for making money online. If one can read and write then that is enough to make a start. Thus, it goes without saying that just about anybody can make money online. The only legal aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that if one is going to earn revenue, then he/she has to be of the age (above 18) to have a bank account where the earnings will be deposited. There also may be certain tax issues related to the earnings that one makes through the Internet that has to be addressed appropriately by the individual, which is solely his/her, responsibility.

 Having said all that, the Internet provides ideal opportunities to have an earning job without the added prerequisites of a conventional job. Firstly, like mentioned above, the Internet jobs we are talking about do not ask for an educational qualification or experience. Secondly, there are no constraints of timings or work place. You can work as per your own convenience; there are no deadlines to meet and you are your own boss. Moreover, you alone decide on what needs to be done, what not and also exactly how much you want to do. To top it all, you can also set your own benchmark as to your standards of work, quality, and the amount of revenue you want to earn in a month. It’s all in your hands. Now, doesn’t that sound like an interesting prospect? If so, read on to find out how you can go about achieving all this very easily.

There are millions of educated people, notably wives, sitting at home who are either not getting a good job worth their salt or have given up their careers and ambition consciously and become a homemaker for the larger interest of the family, which is usually the case with many educated women. There are also many educated graduates who are not able to make ends meet because of the stiff competition. There are the retired personnel who have had enough with the boredom of a retired life and those who may not find their retirement funds to be sufficient to allow them to lead a quality of life they would want to. For all these people, the Internet offers a healthy, legal medium to earn some part time money and to make good use of their time. The extra income, however much it may be, always helps to tide out the month and also helps to improve the lifestyle, even if just a little bit. With the current economic recession and ever increasing prices of essential commodities, every little bit helps, isn’t it?

Irrespective of the reason, whether it is to be financially independent by making some money, for supporting the family income, for getting over the boredom, for constructively using their spare time or maybe enhance their self esteem by taking some financial responsibility, or to stimulate the mind by giving vent to their creativity, the basic fact remains that everyone wants to be considered as an important and useful member of the home or society and also to be respected. Therefore, by taking the plunge into some creative activity that does not impinge upon their other responsibilities, circumstantial or otherwise, they can feel good about themselves, improve their self-esteem and be a useful part of the institution of the family as well as on a broader scale, the local or global economy.

There are countless opportunities and avenues available on the Internet to make money online and many more new ways are cropping up on a regular basis. The information provided in the following chapters, in this book, is by no means exhaustive and once a person has learned the basics of the working of Internet, he/she is free to explore other avenues to maximize their productivity and hence the money earned. What this book intends to do, is to provide a kick start to your money making endeavours on the Internet with time tested and proven methods, being regularly used by millions of people all over the world and these millions also include corporate houses and companies across all industries.

So, without any further ado, let us start the learning process. Let us remind you once again that you need a computer with an Internet connection to get started. In addition, a little bit of basic knowledge of working on the computer will be beneficial. If you are already browsing the Internet and checking your mail, that much is sufficient. It is presumed that if you are reading this book then you do not have a problem with the English language. In any case, the computer skills and the writing skills will develop automatically as you continue working on the Internet. Practice makes perfect. However, if you are reading this book in some other language, probably you will have to ensure that you do know English since that is the language used predominantly on the Internet and considered truly “global”. The good news is that since the Internet is ever developing, it may not take a long time for the regional languages and the other languages from all over the world to come into the forefront.

However, before we can proceed, there are two important things that you need to keep in mind always. First, there are many Scams taking place on the Internet on a regular basis. It will be worth your while to be careful before you respond to an email, proposal or proposition. Secondly, if someone is asking you for money, whether it is against a promise of multiplying it, or for registration, or for buying a product with a promise of delivering results, don’t involve yourself in it. The legitimate people, companies or websites will pay you for working for them and not the other way round. These payments or payment methods are clearly mentioned upfront and they are reliable and transparent with their dealings. On the other hand, there are many websites and individuals who will “ask for money” in exchange for the know-how as to how to make millions on the Internet by dubious and illegal methods. For instance, if you type the words, “Make money on Internet” in any search engine, you will get hundreds of websites who will promise to give you an eBook or help you make money. The catch here is that they want your money upfront. In all probability they will give you nothing more than the information, which is already available on the Internet for free, and what essentially forms the basis of this book. Stay away from such promises and don’t even believe in the Money Back policy. It’s just another false promise.

Having said all the above, let us now proceed to the business of learning how to make money online without investing a dime. The chapters in the book are arranged in a step-by-step manner to guide you, as a beginner on the Internet, to Blogging and making money online. It is our sincere endeavour to help each and every individual who reads this book to start earning revenue as soon as possible and to become successful on the Internet. Follow the guidelines given and don’t be afraid to use your own intelligence and ideas or knowledge to advance further and make a path of your own. Remember that the Internet is ever dynamic and things are changing day by day, so one has to keep up with the times and be updated on the latest news, views and technologies. However, some of the basic principles of making money remain the same, and these are covered in great detail in the forthcoming chapters of this book. Happy reading!
A Beginner's Guide to Blogging & Making Money Online 
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