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Friday, April 20, 2007

Is Technology taking over mankind?

Have you ever heard of technology phobia? There apparently exists such a phenomenon. I have always feared technology and feel reluctant to accept any new gadget or computer or whatever things are coming in these days! It’s all coming on too soon and rapidly for my comfort!
I have this strong feeling that someday, we all (humankind) will be overcome and consumed totally by this “technology”, and may start living in a false world or a world that will be so full of illusions that we may not be able to distinguish between what is reality and what is an illusion!
Our kids, unfortunately, are the easy prey to this so called technology. They are spending more and more time on computers and all sorts of other gadgets, namely- mobile phones, ipods, gaming consoles, video games, TV games and what not! What are they learning from all this? Is it really healthy for kids? I find that today’s kids may be more adept at playing or operating a computer at a very early age, but they definitely lack the finer skills of managing their day to day tasks of simple things, like for e.g. Eating with a spoon or fork, playing with other kids with true sportsmanship spirit, being able to use their fingers or hands with dexterity for creative activity, or they don’t have any creativity at all as they never seem to be in situations where they need to use their head or brains. All the solutions are easily available on the net these days. Kids are doing their homework, and project work using the computer or printer! All they need to do is copy and print!
Where is all this going to lead, I wonder? What is tomorrow going to look like? Will our children be able to appreciate the finer things of life? The simple beauty of our existence. Will they be able to be in touch with their inner self or nature for that matter? Aren’t we all losing touch with our basic instincts? I agree to some extent that technology has helped us in easing out our lives in some ways! But, how far are we going with this comfort? We need to stop and reflect on this aspect before we destroy mankind totally………………! We need to make sure that we don’t forget that we are mere mortals and keep in touch with our souls, and remain as Human Beings……….!
Help save ourselves…………………!

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