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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Evergreen, Mr. Bean!

Have you ever wondered what it is about Mr. Bean that makes you feel so entertained? My son is simply addicted to this character. We find him at prime time, switched to “Pogo” channel on TV to watch his all time favorite, Mr. Bean!Yes, its absolutely funny, hilarious, entertaining program on TV at present. But, what I like about Mr. Bean is his complete childlike innocence depicted in his character so well, by actor Rowan Atkinson. I guess that is one of the main reasons for his popularity among kids. He is shown living his life with full zest and spirit in each and every moment of his life. He seems to cherish each and every single event, moment that he gets to live life to the fullest! That is one good lesson to teach our youngsters! He certainly would be a very good role model for them.I guess that is what we people really need to remember as we grow older, to continue enjoying life as it comes and treat it with the same kind of zeal or enthusiasm that we did as kids.The childish nature of Mr. Bean is truly refreshing to watch, and somewhere at the back of our minds we all wish we could be like that at times! At times, I feel that we are robbing our children of their childish innocence very early in life as they are getting exposed to a lot of adult content in the media, i.e. TV, computers, newspapers, magazines such times, when I’ve had a full day of seeing all “crap” on TV, newspapers, and other media stuff, I thank Mr. Bean to remind us that there is still hope. Mr. Bean is truly an evergreen character, I feel. And I am certainly looking forward to seeing his latest movie, Mr. Bean’s holiday, which has just been released here in Mumbai. Well, that’s it folks. If anybody wishes to share his or her thoughts regarding, why they like or dislike Mr. Bean, please feel free to do so.

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