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Monday, June 18, 2007

Will “Bharat Ki Shaan” Turn into the Real Idol this Time?

The last episode of Indian Idol 3 saw the “Wild Card” entry contestants giving a really tough competition to each other as they all gave their best performance, in a do or die situation!
In all there were seven contestants chosen out of the eighteen that were eliminated during the piano rounds. All the judges had a tough time selecting the six contestants that were to go ahead into the fight for the entry into the gala rounds. The judges, after much deliberation, chose not six but seven contestants, as Alisha and probably Annu Mallik insisted on Suhit Gosain to be brought in too! This has come as a big surprise to many people, as there were other much better singers out there who could have been given a chance, other than Suhit.
Here, we need to pause and think: until now the judges kept harping on the fact that the ‘Audience’ was not voting according to talent and using their emotional quotient instead! But, on the contrary, I personally feel that here in this particular case it is the judges who are voting with their hearts instead of using their brains and concentrating on “just singing” talent! Suhit Gosain is definitely not a deserving candidate, and I really hope that the people now don’t allow him to go into the final round as it would then be a real tragedy for the other much better singers out there!
All the other six contestants gave a really fantastic and mind blowing performance, keeping aside Amit Paul, who forgot his lines in between! But, nevertheless, he has true potential and a very good voice too! So, who among them, are going to be the two lucky contestants to be chosen by the public and the Judges to go into the final round?
Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! The gala rounds are going to be even better. All the contestants are good singers (better than the earlier two Indian Idol contestants) so it’s a real tough call. We are hoping that we manage to find the real “Bharat ki Shaan” in the Indian Idol 3 this time! So, guys and gals out there, vote for the best voice and candidate! My personal bet is on Ankita Mishra, a good performer and singer, who is a complete package that India is really looking for!!!

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