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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Robot Will Now Teach Dentists to Feel Pain!

The future dentists in Japan may now soon be able to better appreciate patient’s pain by training on a high-tech dental patient which is a medical simulated Robot named Simroid. This robot can mumble words like “ouch” when the drill hits a nerve. Simroid is made to look like an attractive woman with long black hair and a pink sweater who can listen to instructions and also react to pain by moving her eyes or hands. Male dentists beware! Don’t try getting fresh with this robot because it can react to that too!

This robot was presented in Tokyo at the 2007 international Robot Exhibition that was held recently. This Robot has been designed for use in the clinical training at dental schools.

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This cool! nice subject if the "robot can mumble words like “ouch” when the drill hits a nerve" interesting!

by: florence

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