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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hypermiling - The Latest And Best ways To Decrease Fuel Consumption!

What is Hypermiling? It is nothing but a new term that has cropped up due to the increase in gasoline or fuel prices all over forcing all the motorists to find new ways in which they can drive their vehicle so as to get the maximum mileage out of it! That is, maximum miles per gallon!

We are all aware that the gasoline prices are hitting new records on a daily basis, all over the world! This is emerging as a very serious problem as also the biggest economic concern for the general public. Therefore, to save on gasoline and extract the maximum mileage, the motorists in the US are looking to new and innovative or skillful ways to drive their cars/vehicles, known as "hypermiling".

The different ways suggested to achieve this is by:

# pumping up tyres to the maximum (more than that mentioned in the manuals)

# Using Engine oil of low viscosity

# Drafting behind other vehicles on the highway to reduce the aerodynamic drag. (this method, though controversial, is known to be practised by the truck drivers).

# there are other advanced techniques to help hypermiling, like keeping speed down, accelerating gently, avoiding excessive idling and removing cargo racks to also cut down on aerodynamic drag.

Well, you generally get the hang of it? Basically, different people devise their own ways to save on fuel and most people who have done this have admitted to the fact that they have almost doubled the official fuel consumption of their vehicle.

A article gives a very detailed explanation regarding the basic concepts behind Hypermiling, you can read them here at this link:

Here is another link with some more tips on hypermiling:

Hypermiling : Ways to decrease your fuel consumption

Well, all I can say is that I think the time has come when each and everyone of us has the responsibility to find new ways to "save energy" and help in conserving all the resources that we are left with on this planet! Go on, Do Your Bit!

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