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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Are We Feeding The Terrorists?

India has been the soft target for innumerable terror attacks for the last decade or so. So far our attitude towards these attacks have been very Gandhian in nature. In spite of irrefutable evidence in each and every case of these attacks that the people who did these dastardly acts are Pakistani Citizens, they are being disowned by Pakistan.

India has arrested many such perpetrators and found many clues that led to the soil of Pakistan, but all they do is deny all such evidence. So, what happens? We put these guys in jail in our country where they are being looked after by our policemen. They are being fed for so many years now in the same very soil that they came to attack!

They kill our people in cold blood. Innocent people, men, women and children who were not related to them in any way. People of different religion, and of the same religion too. Hindu, Muslims, Christians, it made no difference to them. So, what exactly did they want? They claim that they are ready to die. So, why are they still alive? Why are they being fed by our government?

I read a report in today's newspaper that stated that there were some perpetrators of the past who have served their sentence in India and now, they have nowhere to go, since Pakistan, the place where they came from, doesn't accept them anymore. They have denied their very existence. These same people for whom they were ready to die!

They came to India as Jihadis, waging a war! They were ready to die for their cause. What I can't understand is that why are they still alive then? Why are we feeding them still? If Pakistan will not accept them as their citizens, then we should hang them or shoot them in front of the media. There are many people in India who are dying every day of hunger. The government is taking the food out of the mouths of these hungry people, People of India, Indian Citizens, and feeding the Terrorists?!!!??? I am Shocked!!!

Why should we feed them? With whose money are they being fed? Are we paying taxes to the government so that they can feed these same terrorists who came here to kill and die? Why is Kasav the lone survivor of the Mumbai Terror attacks still alive? Will he too end up in the jails of India where we will feed him for free?

It is an ideal solution for the poor and hungry of Pakistan, Join the Jihad, as long as one is free the terrorist organizations will feed him, if he gets caught in India, the Indian government will feed him. Win, Win situation, ain't it?

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