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Monday, March 16, 2009

Today I learned The Most Important Lesson of Life

Today I learned the most important lesson of life. It really does not matter how many people love you, but whether you love yourself or not. You will NOT die if nobody in the world loves you, but you will MOST CERTAINLY kill yourself if you don't love yourself.

I was just having a conversation with my husband yesterday, where he happened to mention something about "destiny". And I said to him that we all have our "destinies" designed and preplanned for us. I believe that we cannot really change our destiny. Our "end result" or rather how we are going to "die" is already decided and so it doesn't matter what we do in between, we still end up the same way we were destined to. For example, if a person was destined to die in an accident then no matter how many precautions the person takes, he will end up in an accident by the quirk of fate.

What we CAN do is go through life as it comes and do our best under the circumstances provided and try to be happy with what we have rather than concentrating on the things that we don't have. For that would only add stress, unhappiness and ill health in your life.

Life does have its ups and downs. More downs than ups for most people. Life seems to be a continuous struggle. But that's the enjoyable part of life, and it is what makes you stronger and tougher as a person. Everything that happens in life, happens with a purpose. So, take all that life gives you with a pinch of salt. I also believe that whatever happens to you is ultimately what's best for you. You may not feel that way when everything is at its worst and you can't but help feel "victimized", but down the years as life unravels its mysteries slowly to you, you will realize the "truth".

I realized this important lesson just today all of a sudden. Somewhere along the way, I lost the focus of my life and began to go after the things that I never had. The more I concentrated my efforts in getting those things, the more miserable I became as I did not achieve them in the end. As a result I have only become stressed out, unhappy and am suffering ill health.

I realized that I could only spread happiness if I truly "loved" myself and found happiness within myself rather than expecting other people to make me happy. So, from today onwards I have made a promise to myself that I will forgive myself for all my foolishness and mistakes in life and will love myself till the end.

Be true to yourself.

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