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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waiting For A Miracle

Many a times in life one gets into a situation where he / she realizes that he / she is utterly helpless and there is nothing that can be done except wait, wait for something to happen or wait for something to stop happening, wait for a twist of fate, wait for a divine intervention, wait for a miracle.

Where do you go when,
in an open field it starts raining?

How do you see, on a dark night,
light at the end of the tunnel?

How far can you swim
in the middle of the ocean?

How do you fight with
both arms tied behind your back?

Who do you think will stop when
you are going down?

Whose hand do you hold when
everyone’s gone?

How long do you hope after
you have been pushed off a steep cliff?

How do you pick yourself up,
on you, the burden of entire world?

How do you smile when
your heart is full of sorrow?

What do you do when the one
you love, loves someone else?

How long do you wait, indeed,
Waiting for a Miracle?

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