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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How To Create Your Own Ring At

Amazon has made it very easy for customers to create their own ring now by opening a Create Your Own Ring store that explains in great details about engagement rings, certified loose diamonds, and more.

Amazon has made this task easier and much simpler by adding a Create Your Own Ring Tool that helps you to customize and build the perfect engagement ring in three simple steps. But why should you buy diamond jewelry from Amazon? The reason for doing so is pretty simple as enumerated below:

1. Buying from Amazon will save you lots of money that you would otherwise have to pay as "overheads" when buying from a proper shop.

2. Customers can choose, build and create their product at their own leisure and comfort of their own home.

3. You can first study and educate yourself about all the precious stones with all the extensive information given at this site.

4. You can be assured that all the diamonds are highly graded and certified by trained gemologist. The diamonds are also certified conflict-free in accordance with the Kimberly Process and so the customers can buy with a clear conscience.

5. When you buy from Amazon, a name that can be trusted for online purchases, you can be sure the ring will be covered by Amazon’s proven returns policy.

How to Create Your Own Ring: Step By Step Guide

1. Pick your diamond: It is very simple to create your own ring using the tool provided. Open the page Create Your Own Ring and you will see a set of sliding bars to help you narrow your choices and select your diamond. Pick the diamond shape that you like. You can further refine your search by adjusting the sliders to set a range for price, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Once you have done this, click “see results” to view all the diamonds that match your criteria, at any point in the process.

2. Select a setting: Now that you have selected the diamond you want you can move to the next step that is to choose the setting. This helps you to narrow your choices to a particular style of setting or a specific metal type. From solitaires to side-stones, from platinum to sterling silver, find the perfect setting for your diamond. You will be able to see the images of how your diamond looks mounted in the settings.

3. Add To Cart: Once you have chosen the particular setting you like, you can then select the size of the ring and you are ready to order.

What's more, all during the process of creating the ring you have the option of calling an expert with questions you may have regarding the diamonds. The diamond experts are on call Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time at a toll free number provided. Or you can also have them call you.

Now isn't that cool? Go on create your own engagement or anniversary or wedding ring and make it unique. Check out these Sterling Silver and Diamond Rings and see if you can do better. Here is Your Guide to Engagment Rings to help you out.

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