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Friday, January 1, 2010

Universe In A Year - Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan, the American Astronomer had come up with a cosmic calendar as a way for people to understand the history of the universe.

He put the entire period starting with the Big Bang till now into an earth year (all relative) with the human history crowding in the last five minutes. Interestingly the earth formed after nine months in the cosmic calendar in the month of September.

The homo sapiens appeared in the last five minutes of the day and the last five hundred years have happened in the last second which continues even now.

If you see the calendar it becomes easier to comprehend what happened when and how long it took relative to other events.

Have a look at the Cosmic Calendar:

01 Jan - Big Bang , universe formed
15 Mar - Galaxies and five stars formed
01 May - Our own galaxy, the Milky Way formed
08 Sep - Our Sun Formed
09 Sep - Our Solar System formed
12 Sep - Earth formed
13 Sep - The Earth's moon formed
20 Sep - Earth's atmosphere formed
01 Oct - First life form appears on earth
07 Oct - Earliest fossils
18 Dec - first Multi-celled life form appears
19 Dec - First fish appears
20 Dec - First insects and land based plants appear
23 Dec - First reptiles appear
24 Dec - Earliest Dinosaurs
26 Dec - Earliest mammals
27 Dec - Earliest birds
28 Dec - Earliest Flowering plants / Dinosaurs are extinct
31 Dec (23:55) - Modern Humans evolved

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