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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Astronaut Tweets Beautiful Earth Images From Space

Astronaut Tweets Beautiful Earth Images From Space

"One of the astronauts currently in residence on the International Space Station is using Twitpic to send some spectacular imagery of our home planet back down to us Earthlings (that’s Mt. Kilimanjaro as seen from space at right)."

The advantages of the networking features of twitter can be seen very clearly. Now astronauts can tweet from space and send beautiful pictures using the Twitpic services, as can be seen with these first set of breathtaking beautiful photos. This opens out a whole new era of photography from space. One need not go into space to see what Earth looks like from up there....

"Astronaut Jose Hernandez, who flew on the Shuttle Discovery mission STS-128, has also posted some imagery from his mission to Twitpic as well."

Take a look at these amazing pictures at the link given:

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