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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trying To Get Some Sleep On A Saturday Afternoon?

Now, I have the habit of taking a small nap every afternoon, every single day. If I don't get that nap then I get very irritable by the end of the day. But, trying to get some sleep on a Saturday afternoon.......

Yes, it's Saturday again. The weekend is here, hooray! The whole long week is over. My husband has a five day week and so his weekend starts on a Saturday. Well, at last I can have a peaceful sleep in the afternoon, since my husband too likes to relax, you would think, No?

Come Saturday and we finish all our morning chores on time including having lunch and then with much anticipation of a good long nap we both hit the bed. Ahhh....All set for some good sleep.

Triiing...Trrrrriiing, rings the phone shrilly, shattering all the peace. Wrong number! Groaan, Curse loudly. Slip into the covers again. My eyes have just closed and am preparing to slip into a trance, when another shrill Trriiing...Trring wakes me up cruelly! My husband's cell phone. Turns out to be a poor salesman of some company working on a Saturday afternoon! My husband warns him of the consequences if he received any other call from him ever in the future and specially on a F****G Saturday afternoon.

I tell my husband to switch off his phone and go to sleep, for C***sakes! OK, finally we are all settled in and ready to visit dreamland. Oh no..Not so fast mister. Squaaak..Squaak goes the doorbell. (Yes, we have a funny sounding doorbell)! I get to the door and find someone who's come to meet my husband regarding some office work....

Now, finally I manage to calm myself and try to sleep. Okay, I am almost there...drifting, drifting, drifting. Suddenly, I feel as if I am falling down and get up with a jerk. Oh, just a dream. Try the whole process again. I must have just closed my eyes for a minute, (I feel) when my son comes and wakes me up to tell me it's five O'clock. Time for him to go out and play. Can I make his milk?

Oh, no, I grooan...Five already???

Well, that's how it is every Saturday afternoon! I must be the only "crackpot" who waits eagerly for a Monday!

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