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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mumbai Rains - Traffic Woes

What happens when it rains in Mumbai? Roads get filled with water, slowing down the traffic. Take a look at these pictures that speak for themselves.

Busy traffic junction flooded with water during the rains.

Mumbai Rains
Rains in Mumbai floods roads
Traffic junction flooded due to rains
Traffic still flowing smoothly like the water on the roads at this junction!
Fascinating site isn't it? The best part is that the traffic at this particular junction just never stops or gets jammed due to any reason. It flows smoothly, without any help from the traffic cops or the traffic lights. Well, rains in Mumbai have always known to bring a whole load of woes to its population. However, this year, thankfully things have been relatively smooth, and it's actually the capital New Delhi that's facing a flooding crisis at the moment with its river Yamuna that has risen to dangerous levels. Will Delhi survive the crisis? Let's hope so...

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