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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living In Sin And Luxury Waiting to Get Raptured

Life was getting pretty dull and boring and a tad monotonous. Oh, you know what I mean, nothing exciting really happening in my life, unless you can call checking the mail maybe a dozen times in the day (what am I expecting? Maybe a sudden lottery that would change my fortune and tides?). Well, goes without saying that didn't happen...hmm..well atleast not till now but am still hopeful. Other than that, no nothing exciting ever happens on facebook either. Then, suddenly one fine day, I found a mail in my inbox that said something about Jesus coming back on May 21st and that it would be the day we would get "Raptured" (whatever that means).

Okay, I must say, that shook me a bit. At least I was curious enough to start doing some research on the subject and found many articles (much to my surprise) covering the topic from all angles. Apparently, a guy named Harold Camping was responsible for starting all these rumors and panic among people. The world was going to end on 21st May 2011 according to his predictions (based on some vague calculations of years and time interpreted from the Bible). Was this possible? Only time would tell.

When I found out about this piece of news, it was around the beginning of the second week of May and my son had just got his summer break from school. So, we were in the process of planning a holiday. Well, seeing that only a few days remained before we were all to get "Raptured", I thought why not live these last few days in pure luxury and sin. So, we packed our bags and loaded them in our car and set off for the hills nearby.

The day we left, the sky was overcast and remained so for the entire drive, making it a very enjoyable and pleasant journey. Our first destination was to Sula Vineyards in Nashik where we had booked a delux room for ourselves for two nights. The package included all three meals and had all kinds of amenities to keep yourselves occupied. There was a spa, a game room with a pool table, a swimming pool, bicycles to go down to the lake nearby or simply cycle around the hills, a gym and a reading room. They gave us free coupons for a tour to the vineyards and wine tasting as well.

Sunset Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Well, it goes without saying, we did everything. Ate all three meals heartily, yeah..I forgot for a while that I was supposed to be dieting. Who cares, right? The world was going to end, who cares if I am a few pounds heavier or lighter? I indulged myself with an invigorating back and neck massage at the spa, and told her to throw in a foot massage as well, now that I was here. Wow, that felt like pure bliss, I can tell you. I had never had a massage earlier, and now I can understand why women run to the spa whenever they can. I don't blame them. I told myself, I would definitely do this again, if I am still alive after 21st May. We also saw the most glorious sunset from our room in the evening while sipping on a bottle of sparkling wine. Now, that's what I call life. Good food, wine and lazing around!

After two days of bliss, we headed to Pune city where we had booked ourselves into a five-star luxury hotel managed by Taj. Well, quite obviously staying in a five star hotel is a luxury that we had never seen, so this was quite a treat for three days (the third day being added as complimentary in the package by the hotel). So, on May 21st, the day we were supposed to die or get "Raptured" we started the day with the complimentary breakfast and tasted all the food that was spread out on the buffet. Hmmm..Must say, it was definitely worth it. Thereafter we drove around the city exploring the sights and markets. Also met up with some long lost friends in the evening and had a great dinner with them. Sat up till late night chatting and laughing and in the end wound up in bed tired and exausted with all the excitement.

21st May 2011 came and went. Nothing happened. We were all still alive and kicking. The world was intact. No Jesus least we don't know if he did. We were ready to hog at breakfast again...!

Original article posted first on Xomba.

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