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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pet Owners - "Pick Up The Dog Poop"

You get up early in the morning, all pumped up to go for quick stroll round the block, the garden or the building complex. As you step out to take in the fresh morning air and sunshine, you suddenly realise that you have stepped on sh*t. 

Ugh! What a way to start the day! Sound familiar? 

You know what I am getting at, right? 

Yes, I am talking about the people who walk their dogs in and around their residency, and letting them defecate all over the place, without a care in the world for anyone else who also reside in the same place. 

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It's great to keep pets, and even love them and care for them. I have nothing against that! But, aren't they forgetting that even cleaning the poop and piss is part of the deal? Hey, when you raised your kids, didn't you do just that? Or did you take them out for a "walk" so they could defecate all over the place? What makes you think that caring for pets is any different? Why shouldn't you care for them just like you would care for a baby?

If you understand and accept that your kids need to be trained to do potty at an appropriate place and time, then the same applies to your pets too! Train them well, and accept that it will also be your duty to clean up after them, just like you clean up after your own kids! After all, you wouldn't leave your kid's poop lying all over the house, would you?

I have stayed in many building complexes, and have had to face this sh*t in each and every one of them. Step out for a walk around the complex, and it's not long before you come across this sh*t lying on your path, so you are forced to look down while you are walking, instead of looking up and enjoying the scenery or the surroundings! It's disgusting, unsightly and not to mention stinky and not very hygienic for the people who reside in that complex either. I am sure, I don't need to explain how it can be a source of infection, right! Think of all the kids who play in that same garden or roll around in that same grass where your pet just relieved itself.

I wish people would take responsibility for their pets and their surroundings. We need to put up signs like these, (see pics) in all the residential areas, local gardens or even public gardens and walking / jogging tracks to ban pets from defecating or urinating in these public areas. After all, these places were meant primarily for our leisure and recreational purposes. Sometimes, we even pay through our nose to have facilities like these given to us. It's a luxury, in today's times! So, we have a right to be able to enjoy it to the fullest without having to navigate through an obstacle course of dogsh*t.

If we can be fined heavily by cops for violating just about any rule in the book, then the same can be applied to pet owners too! There are some places where this rule is followed and people do have to be careful to clean up after their own pets, or they are slapped with a hefty fine!

Well, that's all I have to say! If you have a pet...please don't leave sh*t lying around!

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