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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Why I Love Shopping On Amazon


Let me tell you how I got hooked to Amazon for all my shopping needs. I have to admit that initially I wasn't all that into online shopping, still being very conservative in my thinking and sticking to the physical stores nearby for all my needs and basic shopping requirements. 

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Reason being, I could see exactly what I was buying and maybe even try to negotiate (for certain items) for a better deal, get a better bargain and pay directly to the shop owner with my preferred method of payment. I did not have to worry about my card details being misused online, or being overcharged and later having to run around for getting a refund or having to report a fraudulent transaction to my bank or the e-commerce site.

However, times have changed drastically in the last decade or so bringing online shopping to the forefront and I have to admit that it has definitely improved the customer experience in the form of ease of shopping right from your home. I slowly got sucked into Amazon recently, mainly due the forced lock down situation and found it very convenient, prompt, easy and comforting to know that I could order essential supplies right from the comfort of my home and have it delivered right at my doorstep in a clean and hygienic manner. I didn't need to worry about any aspect of the shopping online: be it choosing a product, adding quantities, checking out securely by many options of payment methods, that included Amazon Pay, Netbanking, or via Credit/Debit Card secure transaction. 

They also have a very easy Refund policy for items that are cancelled either by you or for products that could not be shipped due to any other reason. They are very professional about every aspect of the sale, and make sure that you don't have any hassle while shopping at their site. One can also Return items through their "Return Policy" guidelines, which is also very well managed, and their customer care team are always there to help at any point for your queries.

During this Lock down period from the month of March in India, I tried many different platforms like Big Bazaar, Big Basket, DMart etc...and found them very frustrating as they just promptly closed shop, or it was very frustrating to get their app set up on the mobile to start shopping. Even once I had the mobile App installed, I had to "wait" for a "time" slot to start adding stuff to my cart...and there was no guarantee that I would get all the stuff I added. Also these services were made available to our locality on certain days of the week only. The other major setback I faced was the need to keep charging their wallet in advance before I could add products to my shopping cart. It was then that I discovered that Amazon was delivering essential supplies via the Amazon Pantry (New Addition), which made life more comfortable and easier to shop from one place and not have to worry about anything else. 

Now, I am a big fan of amazon online shopping and have since then purchased so many products from the comfort of my home, and even subscribed to the Amazon Prime Membership so that I could qualify for certain deals and bargains on Amazon and also get free and express delivery of most items that qualify for amazon Prime Members...Now most of my products are shipped free of delivery charges and I get them either the next day itself or within a few days depending on items purchased. 

So now you know why I love to shop on Amazon...Download the Amazon app today! And check out these cool Discount Coupons available on Amazon for shopping in different categories like electronics, fashion, home makeover etc...
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