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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Indian Idol - 3, Do we Already have one?

The futility of the show which, unfortunately, must go on is quite evident. Ankita Mishra has proved to be the spoiler of the show - Indian Idol. Unlike average performances by the Idol contestants of the past two series, this girl has taken the stage by a storm. Ankit/Ankiteshwari/Anky baby was voted out by the other contestants quite obviously because of the, perceived then and real now, threat posed by her.
She was brought in back again through the wild card entry, as the judges' choice and has not looked back ever since. The other contestants are looking like amateurs in front of her. The judges themselves are quite confused now and are wondering whether the contest is about performance, singing or both. The other contestents have hardly performed on stage and if idol is about an overall package all nine of the remaining ones and two idols of the yore have failed miserably. Ankita on the other hand performs and that too with oodles of innovation and freshness. Her singing is also always equal to the challenge and it leaves me wondering what the hell we are continuing the contest for.
Ankita, in the course of her quest for the idol "KHITAB" has made all the judges dance to her tunes and I am talking literally. It all started with Udit Narayan, followed by Anu Malik and Alisha. Javed Akhtar who succeeded in holding himself back couldn't resist anymore when the girl was leaving, after having been voted out by the contestants. He too went on stage, perhaps knowing in his heart that she deserved better, and shook a leg to her singing. Now the latest with her on stage was Govinda.
What more qualification do you need on your resume to be the idol?
Public Votes? I don't think so. Ever since the electoral system was initiated in the country we have failed in selecting rather electing a leader who had it in him to do something for the people. If that is the response to selecting a government on whom depends the future of the country and the people, hoe many are really going to be serious about voting for Indian Idol.
I seriously feel that Ankita should be declared the Indian Idol - 3, The true Bharat Ki Shaan immediately and the girl deserves it.

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