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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Benefits Of Digital Media Terminals In Hospitals

Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace all around us in every field imaginable. It has touched our day to day lives in such a manner that we probably would feel totally lost without any of the gadgets that have become a way of life for millions of people worldwide. The hospital sector has also started to adapt this technological advance to its advantage in improving the overall performance, be it in the administration or patient health care.
The modern hospitals are now looking into changing the hospital experience for patients and the medical teams by bringing “Digital Media Terminals” at the point of care. As more and more corporate hospitals are blooming all over the world, the cost of medical care is also rising along with the patients’ expectations. Patients are becoming ever more demanding in their desire to stay in touch with the outside world and also to be entertained during their stay in the hospital. To know more about this product you can visit this link:

In order to fulfill these expectations, the hospitals are increasingly using technology to improve the quality of their services and make it as attractive and viable as possible. The use of digital media terminals at a patient’s bedside has potential benefits not only to the patients in the form of improved well being, but also to the hospital in terms of its productivity and patient safety.

Benefit To the Patient:
By providing a bedside terminal to the patient, he can entertain himself and keep in touch with the outside world, thereby reducing the feeling of isolation and boredom, which will help in improving the patient’s well being and happiness with his stay in the hospital. This also helps the patients to recover quickly as they are content. The patients can also see educational films prepared by the physicians about their treatment, so as to help them in understanding it better.

Benefits To The Clinicians:
With the advances in technology, more and more hospitals have begun to link their IT systems together. By doing this they have improved the access to real-time information to the medical personnel thereby providing a secure personal access to patient information at a bedside terminal. Both doctors and nurses can now have up-to-date notes for the correct patient thereby reducing the chances of error due to misplaced notes, indecipherable handwriting on prescriptions or in the chart entry, thus providing faster and safer levels of care. Doing all this will not only improve the patient satisfaction but also will lead to an increase in the satisfaction of the employees.

Benefits To The Hospital:
The advance in technology within hospitals contributed towards an improved workflow processes which saved a lot of time and money, thereby not only improving the productivity of the hospital economy but also the productivity of the staff employed. The bedside terminal has proved to be a very important aspect for hospitals worldwide due to its efficiency in guaranteed access to clinical applications as and when required from any location. The doctors and nurses do not have to carry their mobile devices or laptops around the wards anymore. These devices can prove to be very cumbersome and also very unsafe, not to mention the fact that they can also be stolen.
The bedside terminal can also be used to contribute towards the revenue of the hospital by providing services like the e-mail, Internet, movies on demand and quality TV which will surely be appealing to the patient if priced fairly.
To conclude, I would say that the digital media terminal benefits the patient by making him less isolated and happier, the doctor is more confident and satisfied, and the hospital is made safer and more productive.

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