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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Phone Lines Now Open For The Greatest TV Game Show! Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?

Get ready for the greatest game show on Indian television so far, to be hosted by none other than ShahRukh Khan himself. The Game show in question is the Hindi version of the very popular American format of “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader”, and will be titled “Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?”

Shah Rukh Khan has been chosen, quite appropriately, to host this show on Star Plus after his phenomenal success of hosting “Kaun Banega Crorepati?” He decided to be a part of this venture after he watched the original show, Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, with his kids and their friends at home. Khan, at this moment, has his plate full with cricket, movies and television. “I think I never left television. I began my career with TV and I owe my life to this medium,” he said. He will be hosting this show in a classroom environment.

Synergy Adlabs will produce the series in India, and Siddharth Basu will be helping with the development of the game format. This game was the most popular game show on Television last year and is already on air in around 50 countries.

About the Game Show:
The Game show has a simple format of asking grade school level questions to adults and with a prize money of 5 crore for Indian public. The exact format for the Indian version is yet unknown.

*However, the “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” game format in United states is like a game played by a single contestant who earns money by answering simple trivial question and go up the money ladder. The contestant is presented and entered in textbook for the grade level for the particular question. The question formats are some true/false or some questions to be answered without any options. Moving up the money ladder with each question a final question at each level moves them to the next level of the game show.

At any point of time contestant can quit the game show by seeing the question. But for final question the contestant have to quit after seeing the subject; if they agree to see the question then they have to answer it. Adding excitement to the game show are five “classmates” who secretly write their answer for each question and some times the host of the show creates tension in the mind of contestant by mismatching the answers of classmate and contestant. But classmates are there for the help of contestant. Contestant can choose one classmate to answer any two questions for him as help. And then a new classmate has to be selected.
The selected classmate provides two “cheats” and each can be used only once. The contestant can also “peek” at the classmate paper and can see the answer of selected classmates before they give their own (once contestant peek then they must have to answer). Also contestant has the facility to “copy” the classmate answer, once he copies the answer is automatically locked.

In addition to these a “save” option is provided to the contestant which is in the play once contestant give their first wrong answer. If classmate of the contestant has written the right answer then he can save the contestant otherwise contestant loses the game and wins nothing. Nothing means if they haven’t answered the first five questions correctly and reaches a safe first zone in money ladder.
The cheat is not allowed for the final question of every level. Once all the three cheats are used the classmate goes back to the group and contestant is left with no option of selecting another classmate. But to create tension in the environment classmates continue to write the answers. And before leaving the game show by quitting or answering incorrectly the contestant has to profess to the camera “I am not smarter than a fifth grader.”


Phone lines open tonight for “Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain!”

If you are eagerly waiting to participate in the biggest game show on Indian television, “Kya aap paancvi pass se tez hain”, then wait NO MORE because the phone lines are open from today at 7 PM to participate in the 5 crore game show. All you need to do is answer simple questions that will be aired on Star Plus channel to participate in the show. For this, you need to tune in to Star Plus everyday from 7 pm onwards from today till the 13th of March, see the question and call the phone numbers given to participate. If your answer is correct then you may be the lucky one to get a call for the audition to the show.

The Terms and Conditions for the show are:
· You should be 18 years or above
· Keep watching STAR plus from tonight to 13th march
· Answer the simple question correctly
· Wait for your audition call
· Don’t forget to brush up on your old school text books

So all you folks out there, this should be easy? No? Rupees 5 Crore for answering simple questions! What could be easier than this! If you feel you have it in you to beat a Fifth Grader, then gear up for this one….

Here are some of the videos of the popular show that were aired on Fox TV.

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