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Monday, April 7, 2008

Fellow Bloggers Take Care Of Your Health

New York Times came up with this article titled "In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop." It is worth a read and everyone working more than an hour a day on Internet ought to read it. You can read the article here

The article mentions people dying and generally suffering from ill-health. Blogging Never killed anyone. Neither does a computer unless you stick your wet hand or tongue into the Power supply Unit of the CPU.

What the article is stressing upon is the excess or the overworking while blogging. Anything in excess including water is toxic. People in their enthusiasm or lust for money and fame forget the human body's tolerances and stretch it to the limits. Some voluntarily and some due to targets that have to be met. But there is only so much a body can take. And when it can't, it gives up.

This is something that applies to all of us and we have to be wary of this fact. Each one of us have to draw boundaries, monetary and otherwise. How much is enough?

Keep these things in mind:

Nothing is worth throwing your health away.

You'd rather have a consistent posting routine and therefore income, than having it in spurts, bedridden the rest of the time. Decide your hours and the desired income and please keep it practical.

There are millions of people posting content on the internet. The chances of you beating all of them to the top in Google search every time are not favorable.

Just remember there will be good months and there will be not so good ones. Like the stock market it all averages out. Ultimately you get what you deserve and you get it only when you are ready for it.

But good health, once gone, is difficult to blog for. Take care.

Read also this post by Om Malik who got a second chance after suffering a heart attack. His advice Relax, Chill and Maybe Blog.

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