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Thursday, April 17, 2008

How To Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer

As the mercury rises with the advent of summer, the humidity also rises and causes a lot of skin and hair problems. Summer is the time when you and your kids get a break from work and school and are looking forward to some great outdoor activities, that involve spending a lot of time in the sun. But, the sun can be harsh on your hair and so you need to take extra care and protect it from damage. The sun, heat, humidity and even chlorine from a pool can damage the hair’s cuticle resulting in dry hair, split ends, frizzy and brittle hair. Here are some summer hair care tips that you could follow to prevent damage to your hair.

1. First and foremost thing that we must all remember to do is to drink plenty of water or fluids during the summer so that the body remains hydrated and healthy and whenever possible, wear a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from direct sunlight.
2. Keep your hair short and trimmed. In fact, I suggest that you get rid of all the unwanted hair on your body. But, if you have long hair and do not wish to cut them short then I would advise you to keep them knotted, or in a bun or plaits to avoid total exposure to the sun. This also helps to control the frizziness.
3. You can rub a protective sunscreen on your scalp, if you are planning to stay out long in the sun, to avoid sunburn.
4. Take care to wash your hair with cold water or warm water. Hot water can cause damage to your hair. Also try to avoid using too much of the hair dryer or hair curlers or any other such type of heating devices and if you do then at least remember to use a conditioner before applying them.
5. If you are planning to go for a swim in the pool, wet your hair before getting in. Wet hair will not take in as much chlorine or salt water. But, remember to shower off afterwards and use a good conditioner on your hair to make it soft.
6. Avoid using any kind of alcoholic products on your hair as they cause more drying. Use natural products as far as possible.
7. Choosing a good shampoo for your hair is very important. Make sure that it is gentle. You could also try using a moisturizing shampoo during the summer rather than the normal shampoo. Do not rinse your hair daily with shampoo, as it would deprive your hair of its natural moisture. Instead, you could sprinkle some baby powder in your hair and simply comb it. Don’t forget to use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair.
8. If you have frizzy hair, rub in some jojoba oil in the frizzy areas and wrap it in plastic before going to bed. Shampoo your hair in the morning.
9. Do not use any products that contain peroxide. Stay away from the hair lighteners as they contain peroxide and can cause damage to your hair and also change the color drastically.
10. My personal formula is to rub in lots of coconut oil in my hair, at least once a week (Sundays), leave it on for a few hours and then rinse with a gentle shampoo and condition them. See the effect!

In the end I would like to remind you that home treatments are the best for your hair rather than using harsh chemical products that are available in the market. With these simple steps of hair care and attention to your hair, you could avoid summer damage to your hair and keep them looking lustrous, shiny, soft and healthy.

* Kindly note: Hair care products designed to add shine, may only add shimmer but not necessarily add moisture. Be sure to read all ingredients on the hair product labels to understand what benefits the product is designed to provide to your strands.

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