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Friday, June 13, 2008

How I Spent A Most Memorable Year On Xomba

Wow, I am so excited! I have just recently completed my first milestone, “One Year”, on this wonderful site, Xomba. To some it may not sound like a big deal, but to me it does, simply because the journey has been a great roller coaster ride that one could never forget. So, here I hope to share with you “ How I Spent A Most Memorable Year On Xomba”.

My journey began on 31st May ’07 when I first signed up for Xomba. I have never looked back since that memorable day. The site literally changed my life in a matter of a few months. Before joining this site, I had taken up a course (correspondence) in freelance writing from the famous “Writer’s Bureau London” which I was unable to complete as I found the assignments to be too difficult. It required real professional writing for the print media, which cannot be accomplished by sitting at home. One needs exposure to the outside world and events, interviews with real people who matter etc. However, the plus point of starting the course was that I started writing and I did manage to get two of my assignments into real print: One in a local newspaper and the other a letter to the editor of a Woman’s Magazine “Femina”.

This gave me the knowledge that I could write and make money if only I could find the ideal place to do so. Then after a year or so, a friend introduced me to Xomba. I had just finished with editing and publishing a local naval community magazine called “NWWA Magazine”, which was a very thrilling experience for me as I managed to do the whole thing single handedly. So, here was a site, my friend tells me where I can write to my heart’s content and get published instantly. No fear of being rejected and the biggest plus point of all; I could make money.

Thus my journey into the writing world began with Xomba. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see my first post in “print” and “published” online where I knew it to be visible to the whole wide world. The site had the feature of “reads” then, so that we could track how many people read our posts, and it was the most satisfying feeling to watch the numbers increasing. My friend also introduced me to the world of blogging with the Blogger. So, I simultaneously started work on this blog as well, which I am proud to say is doing quite well too.

The first month on Xomba, my earnings were reflected in Google Adsense as 80 cents, the following month it progressed to $42.12 and $166.42 in the third month when I received the first check from Google. It was the most amazing sight to me, to see the money flowing in so steadily. Xomba, in the meantime was going through a constant phase of updates and maintenance of its site. So, the features of the site kept changing throughout as it still is. I feel proud to be a part of its steady growth and development as it picked up a steady stream of users and guests progressively. The contests that were held for user points in between gave me the motivation and inspiration to work hard to win the sum that was offered, $150, and $100 for the first and second positions. I did win these contests three times, getting the above-mentioned sums and $25 for the fourth place. I must say, the staff on this site is very honest about its offers and they promptly paid up the sums to my account in Paypal.

The Google adsense referral program, in the meantime also helped me to make money. I got a total of $510 for simply signing up people with adsense. Out of these $5 was for the first $5 that the person makes and $250 as a bonus for $100 made by the user within 6 months of joining the program. I got two people under me to sign up with Xomba and Googla adsense and Voila …. $250 in no time.!!! Unfortunately, the program has been stopped.

I continued with my postings in Xomba with great earnest and since I had one of the highest numbers of blurbs by then, my adsense earnings began shooting up steadily. Let me point out here that I was also conscious about the quality and content of my posts as well as keeping a lookout for any item that was on demand on the internet that would be promising. So, I have been picking up links and content that should be evergreen and could work longer. After about five months my earnings shot up to $400 in the month of November.

I made another $500 + in the month of February all thanks to the Super bowl. Two of my posts, so far have made it to the front page, namely,


which helped me to win the $30 Amazon Gift Voucher twice. Therefore my total earnings in the past year has exceeded $2500 + mark, which translates to more than 1 lakh in Indian Rupees. I have honestly never made this kind of money in my entire life even with my own profession. I have been putting the money to good use. One, I paid for the fees for a PG Diploma correspondence course in Hospital Administration along with a Certificate course in Quality Management which was a bonus, and Two, I bought a car (that I wrote about) and am paying half the installment through the checks I get from Xomba.

It has indeed been a most memorable year and the most productive one, I should say, here on Xomba. I sincerely thank Xomba and the staff for this wonderful gift of “opportunity”! I hope to continue on this site forever and flourish along with it.

Thank you.

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