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Friday, June 13, 2008

I Feel Like An Instruction Manual

I feel like an instruction manual all the time. I know, you are wondering what I mean by that. Read on...

Since the time I got married and had a kid, I feel I have been reduced to becoming an instruction manual. I start the day by giving instructions to the maid, my son, my husband etc, etc. The list is never ending. The instructions may have to be repeated again and again till the task is completed and this cycle is repeated every day.

"Brush your teeth, have a bath. Get ready. Wear the red shirt with the blue pants or the jeans or shorts whatever. Pick up the mail on your way. Post the letter today. Eat your food properly. Don't drop crumbs on the floor."

If I need something, I have to give precise instructions to my son or husband, or the task will never get done. For eg. "Get the tape from the top most drawer that's in the cabinet in the sitting room." This instruction is also usually not enough, for they go to the drawer in question, open it and then will shout right back," I can't see it". Then I have to give more precise instructions like ," look in the second compartment, or right next to the stapler."

I realised one fine day that my whole day seemed to be filled with just these. That's the kind of conversation we have at home. Isn't it a little frustrating? Gosh, I wish I could just sum up all these instructions and take a printout and have a ready manual for reference. Then all I need to do is say "refer to page so and so"..

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