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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dentists Vs Mechanics

I was inspired to write this byte after reading a post written by Mia Northwest on the similarities between her dentist and the mechanic, which you can read here:

There are many things in common between a dentist and a mechanic. A dentist is also a mechanic as they tinker around in the mouth with the innumerable tools that they have, trying to find a problem and "fix" it same as a mechanic who tinkers around engines with their tools trying to find a problem and "fix" it.

Here is a list of some of the tools that would be similar between a mechanic and a dentist. So, Mia is right in pointing out that maybe the two should get together and have their business in the same place.

1. A drill with the drillbits (burs)
2. Pliers (a dentist has them in all shapes and sizes)
3. Wires (a dentist has them in all guages)
4. Wire cutter
5. Solders and Soldering iron
6. The lathe (for cutting)
7. Polishing materials
8. A compressor
9. All types of wax to make inlays, onlays, dentures etc..
10. Sand papers, files ( big and small ones to suit our needs)
11. Eye protection
12. a work overall

Other than these the dentists also have to work with different types of cements and mixing materials, filling materials, like plaster of paris, stone, acrylic, and many more. The list could go on....! So, in effect, you could say a dentist is a "mechanic". Maybe that's the reason why dentists and engineers make a good pair!

* Update:- If you are curious to see the instruments and tools that are used in a dentist's office then visit this post below:

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