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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Happened To The Sixth Pay Commission?

What happened to the sixth pay commission?

The Sixth Central Pay Commission submitted its Report to the Government on 24th March, 2008. You can read the full report here:

However, the report was very disappointing to certain sections of the people, mainly the middle class government employees, and they rejected the recommendations put forth by the committee.

Worst affected were the middle ranked officers of the defense services who were getting a raw deal. The only people who seemed to be looked after were all the top brass and the lower ranks, which also includes the "Babus". As a result, the three chiefs of the services got together and demanded changes in the pay structure for the officers as most of them seem to be opting for voluntary retirement as soon as they completed their 20 years of pensionable service. They obviously are not to be blamed, for all their counterparts are getting three times the salary that they were getting. It is becoming a huge problem to retain the officers in the forces.

The report was to be submitted by April 2008, which it did only to be promptly rejected by various sections of the people who were getting affected the most. The employees union, defense forces, scientists, railway employees etc. are all demanding a revised pay structure.

However, what the government will come up with is any body's guess. The latest news about the revised pay is not very encouraging. According to this report there is nothing much to cheer about. Read it all here:

According to the above news report, the revised report will be submitted by the first week of July 2008. With the elections coming close, and a ban on any populist measures to be sanctioned after October 2008 due to elections , the government will most certainly try to implement the recommendation by August so as to have sufficient time to take corrective action, if any is required.

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