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Friday, September 19, 2008

Abhinav Bindra - The Golden Boy For Indian Sports

Abhinav Bindra became the true Champion and the Golden Boy for India when he won the first ever individual Gold medal in the Beijing Olympics for the Air Rifle Shooting Event. This medal comes after a long drought of 108 years in the Indian Olympic History.

Abhinav Bindra hails from Zirakhpur, Punjab. He did his schooling from one of the affluent schools of India, DOON school in Dehradun and later from St Stephens in Chandigarh. He has definitely done them and the whole country proud with his achievement.

Abhinav worked hard and always believed in himself. He has been in the sport for ten years, and knows very well that the difference between winning and losing is very thin. He claims that luck also plays a major role and maybe luck was in his favor on that fateful day in Beijing.

Abhinav Bindra, apparently, has planned a future roadmap to prepare athletes. "I am working now on a structure which I can be directly involved with for the development of other shooters and athletes. I will actually try and groom people for the future. I am in the process of starting off with a shooting plan," he said.

Abhinav Bindra has been awarded a prize sum of over Rs 5 Crores and still more is pouring in from all quarters. He plans to utilize these funds towards the development of Olympic Sports in the Country. To further this aim, he also urged the country's Olympic chiefs to use the rare success at the Beijing Games as a stepping stone to further sporting glory. He reiterated that the time was ripe to ignite a passion for other sports in a country where cricket reigns supreme.

Did you know that India's annual federal sports budget of 280 million dollars is [i]less[/i] than "half" of the [b]724 million dollars[/b] that the eight franchisees paid for owning cricket teams in the Indian Premier League.

Did you also know that the Indian Shooting team was about to be pulled out of the Beijing Olympics due to lack of funds but made it only because of private sponsors who came in at the last minute?

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