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Friday, September 19, 2008

I believe I have “Superhuman Powers”…

I am Ms Wordsmith. I have been gifted with superhuman powers the day I learned to “write”. Just that I did not realize the same. It still helped. I filled the application form that got me a college degree, a job, and got my son into a school for his education. It is this “writing” that has got me an education and a position in society that I have today. I am what I am because I can write.

Everybody is aware of the “Power” of the “Written Word”. The pen is mightier than the sword, it is said. There is a lot that can be done just by writing. I need not don a cape or a Bat suit and learn to fly the skies. I can do my bit, and some more by just writing. A word here, and a word there is all that is required to do the needful.

I can do a lot with my writing. I can help people to relieve their pain and suffering. I can write stories to entertain; I can educate people with the knowledge that I have acquired. I can write and move mountains. I can bring a change or cause change if I want to.

I can write tender and touching verses, or love letters to woo a mate. I can write letters to my relatives, notes to friends and maintain a personal Diary. I can force people to think by creative writing. I can bring a smile, to the faces of the people who matter and also to those who don’t matter, by my written words. I can move people to tears with my writing and also make them laugh. I can hurt people by writing spiteful things or bring them down by exposing their misdeeds.

I can make people work; I can fly planes or land on the moon, make or break politicians and the government. I can send criminals to prison or give them a death sentence by a written word. It takes just a written word to make a country go to war, or not. It also takes a written word to bring peace and harmony back into the country. It is the written word that can control the economic situation for yourself or your country.

I can make money come to me with my writing or I can also make money come to me by applying for a job. I can be totally free to choose what I want just because I learned to “write”.

Yes, I believe I have “Superhuman Powers”…I am Ms Wordsmith.

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