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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Indian Government - Gandhi's Three Monkeys Personified

Gandhi had a rule for people to follow to be good; See No evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. The phrase has often been used to describe people who do not want to get involved in a situation. Gandhi even had three monkeys to depict the rule. Monkeys that they already were, the behaviour of the Indian politicians and the government is akin to the phrase except that they seem to have taken the rule one step further. They have stopped seeing and hearing completely and are speaking only mildly without any malice and without any evil.

What else does explain their inconsequential mutterings on the Indian war against terror? Pakistan has blatantly switched statements, opinions and stances based on their convenience and more than 40 days after the Mumbai attacks, the Indian government is still crying foul and running here and there to any world leader of significance who is willing to give them a listening ear. The government wants the world community to act, rather than do something themselves. Can't blame them, they are so used to the kind of politics we play in India, that they are applying the same rule to International politics. Without a 'Whip' issued to the party members, no Indian party ever voted in Parliament.

On the other hand America, the self-professed leader in the war against terror, has also played to the galleries both in India and Pakistan. Ever wonder why American leaders come to India first and then move on to Pakistan? It is so that they can make the politically correct statements in India and then back away from the same or tone down their stance when they visit Pakistan, to placate them. The Americans surely know which side of their bread is buttered at least as far as their war on terror is concerned. India however continues to invite Americans to India and go through the irrelevant exercise of making statements to the media which have little consequence as to the action on ground. Hasn't the Government of India and our esteemed leaders realized the double faced nature of the American state? If all the visits by the Americans were not enough, the Home Minister himself is going to America with a dossier on evidence of Pak hand, for a purpose which cannot be any different or any more than a book release. Are these people incapable of seeing what is happening, or hearing what they are saying? Very soon the Indian Government might even start catching American tourists and explaining the Pakistani role in the Mumbai attacks so that they can make some smart statement on TV about their unconditional support to India.

Why are they running to America for help and why do they need the endorsement of America for any and every step they take to serve the interests of India? Surely it is not a part of the nuclear deal.

Right at this moment two countries are fighting their internal strife with a great amount of success. Israel against Hamas and Sri Lanka against the LTTE. Yes, there are civilian causalities in both wars. But, were they not there earlier too? Is a civilian death by a government bullet different from that by a bullet of a terrorist. In any case people are dying. So it is best to resolve the issue once and for all to stop the mayhem caused by the terrorists or militants or separatists or whatever you want to call the people who take to arms to have their demands met. Revolutionists, they certainly are not. Can't the Indian government see that this is the way to handle terrorism and not running to 'Mommy' after each incident?

The Kashmir issue has been going on for the last 60 years. Till today we have not been able to reign in the separatists in our own country, how can we even begin to stop the external threat? I was ashamed to hear the Politicians of Jammu and Kashmir actually thanking the separatists for allowing the elections to take place and not resorting to violence. If the things do not improve, very soon we will be extending our heartfelt gratitude to Al Qaeda, ISI and LeT every time we have any incident-free function or festival in our country.

40 days have passed since the Mumbai attacks. We have achieved zilch since then. Very soon everyone is going to forget about the attacks. Maybe that is what the Indian Government wants. Very soon, when they raise the issue with America again, one of them might even tell India to forget about it, to let bygones be bygones. Very soon they might even tell us that Pakistan has done everything required, that nothing has happened for so many days, so India should probably accept that the Mumbai attacks were just an aberration in the otherwise peaceful neighborhood. Very soon someone like Bush might even ask, Mumbai attacks! When did that happen?

There is only one way to deal with people employing force, to apply force in the opposite direction. Diplomacy does not work in the face of weapons. That is the reason people make weapons. If the Indian Government seriously believes that war is not an option, then are the armed forces meant only for charity, employment and helping keep internal peace? Pests do not go away if you only tackle the ones you see. You have to go into their hiding places and take out the problem from it's roots to have a pest free place.

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