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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weight Loss - How To Prepare Yourself : Part 2

"Okay, so now we have finished with the tests. You are generally normal and some symptoms are obviously associated with your weight, so losing weight and exercise with proper diet control will take care of minor aberrations in your medical reports." Read

Now you are ready for part 2 of the preparations.

Now, let's assume that you have been abusing your body physically and mentally for a long time by improper diet, irregular daily routines and other stresses of day to day activities. Stress of any kind can have adverse effects on the body, causing fatigue, exhaustion and sleeplessness. Stress affects the adrenal glands that is responsible for balancing many other hormones in your body. As a result, with chronic stress, adrenal fatigue develops and women end up with excess abdominal weight, decreased immunity, lack of concentration, irritability, disrupted sleep and ultimately pure exhaustion. But, the good news is that all of this can be reversed. All you need to do is make the proper choices in your food and exercise patterns.

I would encourage all the women who are suffering from these symptoms to read more about their condition and thus educate and empower themselves to know their bodies better. Read this article about the adrenal glands and the role it plays on your physical health and well being.

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3. Adrenal Fatigue - Effects of stress and high cortisol levels

4. The Lymph system and your health

Now that you have read the above articles, I am sure that you will be able to identify your problem areas very easily. Knowledge is power. The answer to all your problems lie in "proper diet". So the second thing you need to do to prepare your body for weight loss is "nourish" your body well. Change your diet to include more proteins, vitamins and minerals by adding more fruits and vegetables. Refer to the Food Pyramid to select the right foods and prepare a balanced meal for yourself throughout the day. Start with a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and a light dinner. Choose foods that are high in proteins and fiber content. Remember that all three meals should contain some proteins. You will need extra proteins to lose weight and to replace the excess fat with muscle tissue, so plan your diet carefully. You can take the help of a nutritionist for this purpose.

Start on your new diet straight away. By doing this you are providing "ammunition" for your body to get ready for the rigors of weight loss that are to follow soon. So, give yourself one month to change your diet and see the effects of that change on your body. In the meantime, you can start with light exercise that you are comfortable with. Remember, to fortify your body first with nutrients before you start with any kind of exercise.

You will realize that by simply changing your diet, you will begin to feel better and more energetic. Give yourself time to get used to this new diet as you will need to make this a new lifestyle. It's very important to take things one at a time and not add stresses to your body. So, NEVER jump into a weight loss program before you are prepared mentally and physically for the changes that are to come.

Once you are into the new diet and feel relatively comfortable with it and your body, start increasing your exercise routine to at least 1 hour of brisk walking everyday. Your body may show the signs and symptoms of fatigue and you may not be able to walk comfortably initially for a few days. So, take it slow, but DO NOT GIVE UP.

Keep at it. See if you can make this a routine. As the days pass, you will notice the positive changes that will be taking place in your body as it starts to heal and the process of detoxification takes place. Yes, the toughest part in all this is maintaining your diet and keeping it healthy. Make healthy choices wherever you go. And getting support from family and friends is very important, so include them all in your plans and let them know that you value their support.

Keeping a diet diary helps a lot in controlling those impulses to cheat. Write down all that goes into your mouth and the times as well. You will realize your weak moments and can then work towards overcoming those hurdles. One way to get past those moments are to keep fresh fruit handy always, so that any time you feel like putting something in your mouth, you can reach for the fruit instead. And remember to DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Do all the above steps WITHOUT thinking about losing weight. You are only getting ready for that process! Once you have done the above and feel better about your diet and your body feels healthier and you are comfortable with some moderate exercise in the day, then and only then you should consider to start with a weight loss program.

All weight loss programs have the same principle. Reduce the amount of calories and fat from your diet and burn double the amount of calories in the day. So, your body should be prepared for the extra stress. If, you have already changed your diet and have started exercise then you have already won half the battle. Some people need the external push to succeed in their weight loss goals, for those people I would recommend that you sign up with some legitimate weight loss center that will help you in your weight loss goals, in a scientific manner.

Well, you are now on your way to losing weight effectively. Take the help of a nutritionist or any other weight loss programs that are scientifically sound and one that you feel comfortable with. Once you achieve your goals, then you will need to maintain your weight by continuing on your new diet and healthy lifestyle. Take supplements, if required, and with proper prescription. As much as possible, avoid taking "pills" that enhance metabolism for your weight loss program as they may have other side effects and you will only gain back all the weight once you are taken off the pill!

Another very important step is to measure or track your weight every morning same time before eating. This will surely motivate you to do the right things and make the right choices the whole day through.

Well, that's all I have learned from my own experiences with weight loss so far. Hope that I have been able to put things in a better perspective to help the people who are struggling with weight issues. ALL THE BEST!

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