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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buy Action Thriller Novel Enemy in the Ranks Online

The long awaited action thriller novel Enemy in the Ranks by Varinder Taprial is available for buying online. It is currently available on two websites. And I will keep updating more links as they appear on the web

The Publisher's website,,9519C/index.html

and the Rediff books website

Both the websites are known ones and the transactions are safe and secure.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Win Upto $500 Cash Prizes in Writing Contest on Xomba a site designed to help writers make money online through article posts, is hosting two new writing contests titled "Your Dream Job" and "Your best writing tips" this month, where the winners will be awarded cash prizes of upto $500.

In a recent Press Release, Nick Veneris (Xomba CEO) has announced two writing contests that will be awarded exciting cash prizes and T-shirts. Xomba is a social networking site for writers that promises a much higher money making potential than any other site as of today.

The first contest "Your Dream Job" will be judged by Hollywood Stuntman, Sam Hargrave.

"09.10.2009 – announced today its newest writing contest entitled "Your Dream Job." Xomba writers are asked to submit 150 words or more in response to the question "If you could choose any job in the world, what would it by and why?" Read This..

" announced today its latest monthly writing contest topic entitled "Your Best Writing Tips." Xomba writers are asked to submit at least 150 words along with an image (optional) to assist Xomba's mascot "Abmox" with his latest article. Those writers who can help Abmox with his article through writing tips, advice and useful information will be rewarded for their assistance.

Four of the best written and most valuable essays will be selected and winners will receive t-shirts and cash prizes up to $250."

Xomba regularly holds writing contests to further encourage its members to get out there, write and share their pieces. Xomba consistently hosts a monthly contest in addition to their themed contests that run for two to three months. The current themed contest is entitled "Your Dream Job" with cash prizes of up to $500." Read This....

Excerpts from the press release:

"Through this contest we're hoping to allow our users to use their imagination and envision a whole new life, a life of which they have always dreamed," said Veneris. "For many of our members, writing is a dream job and is doing everything possible to help them live out their dreams."

"Online writing isn't just about telling the story," explained Nick Veneris, the CEO of, "We're finding that our successful, profitable writers have skills and understand concepts that reach beyond knowing proper grammar and spelling. This contest is a chance for our members to share those skills and learn from each other." is currently one of the fastest growing, most highly-visited websites based out of Jacksonville, Florida. According to, Xomba is one of the 2,500 most visited websites. Over the last three months, the percentage of global users who visit has increased by 16.2%. The site's top writers are able to bring in anywhere from $300-$500 per month depending on the impact their articles make on the Xomba community.

"Xomba has been a life changing experience for me, providing me a platform to make a career out of my writing. Where I could also make a decent income while opting to stay at home and look after my family," noted Xomba writer and former contest winner Priya Kanwar. "The extra income helped in changing my lifestyle, my outlook to life, and to increase my personal aspirations to a much higher level that I had never imagined to be possible."

"I have had so much fun interacting with people from all walks of life and different countries and cultures," commented Xomba writer Priya Kanwar. "All in all, Xomba is the best and true "social networking" site on the internet."

Contest participants are asked to submit their 150 word articles by Midnight on November 9th. Writers must be members of to participate and can submit as many times as they . For more information visit the Dream Job writing contest page on

You will need to register on Xomba to be able to participate in the writing contest. The Registration is FREE, so don't hesitate to sign up here. This is a wonderful opportunity for all new writers to showcase their talents you will be pitted against some of the best writers in the community.

Read all the details about the contests on Xomba.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Enemy in the Ranks - Official Website

My book, Enemy in the Ranks, has an official website now. And guess what I created it myself. I first created the website on a free hosting website called and later realized that it was not being indexed by Google. Not only that it wouldn't allow me to put Google adsense also. So after a bit of research, I homed in to Google sites.

So why should one visit my book website? For starters, it is the first place you can find an excerpt from my book Enemy in the Ranks. I have put some details regarding the book also on the website.

Check out the full article on

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