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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Explore The World And Get Paid For It - Could There Be A Better Dream Job?

Hmm......this Xomba "Dream Job Contest" got me really thinking about what I have always loved doing, but haven't done so far...traveling the world. I have always imagined myself to be in a sort of job that would enable me to travel the world so I could visit all the countries and continents and really get to explore the full glory of nature all around, meet people from all walks of life, different cultures and also get to see how they live under different conditions. Imagine, if I could do all this AND get PAID for doing it, woudn't that be just awesome? What better dream job than this?

What sort of a job would enable me to fulfil this dream, you ask? Well, there are several travel related channels on TV that focus on the various travel and tourism destinations all around the world. The travel reporter goes to all those exotic destinations and shows you what all you would get to see and do in any specific place. Check out all the hotels, restaurants and shopping places for you to indulge yourself in while you are there. Doesn't that sound like fun? What's more, I will be paid by the company to do all this for them!

I could travel by air, boat, ship, name it and I am game. I really never mind the mode of transport. Once I reach a place I could even rent a car for the nearby places...maybe I would have to cover all those details, like how to travel, what to see, where to eat and where to shop etc..I could do themes on travel, like maybe honeymoon destinations, or beach vacations, or even heritage sites. The possibilities are mind boggling and the travel is endless, or maybe only till I do a good JOB of it...hehehehe.

There are, of course, many other travel related jobs like journalism, news reporter, travel writer, travel reporter for TV channels and there is also the airline industry to think of or I could also become a travel guide. There are many possibilities. Check out all the jobs listed at a travel related job site and also how much they get paid...awesome!

So here I am, dreaming away, of sunbathing on the exotic beaches of Hawaii, going on a Carribbean Cruise, or maybe exploring the Tombs in Egypt and seeing the Pyramids there, or I could be on a Gondola in Venice listening to lilting music. Enchante.......No harm in dreaming, is there? Enjoy this beautiful song sung in the romantic settings of Venice......

So, what have I done towards the realisation of my dreams? Ahhh...friends, let me tell you that I have already taken the first step forward in that area.....getting myself a Passport. Now to work towards the next step.....

Become a Travel Journalist.. Go On Catch the Travel Bug.

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