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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mahindra ENVIRON - MENTAL Drive

On World Environement day, Mahindra did their bit by asking the Mahindra vehicle owners to drive into their service stations and get a free PUC check for the vehicles. Did I say Mahindra, I should have said someone in Mahindra Company.

As a proud owner of a Mahindra Logan I drove into the Mahindra Global Gallery service station at Kolshet Road Thane.There was a big poster announcing the eco-friendly drive. I was still at the gate wondering which side to take my vehicle to when the security guard asked me to move to a particular spot since there was anither vehicle behind me. I complied and then got down to ask the security how to go about claiming my free PUC check. He confidently told me to take a token from the reception inside.

I went inside and asked the reception. The girl was pretty lost and intimated that there was no such drive going on. I told her about the poster outside and she replied non-chalantly to go in ask someone else. I went in and there was another girl who stopped me in my tracks by asking me what I wanted. I told her and got the same blank stare as the girl outside. But this one was made of tougher material and told me to wait while she confirmed it. After four or five calls to God only knows who, she told me, as it was a revealation, that I was right and there indeed was a drive like that going on. On asked about how to go about it, she tells me, "Take a token from the Security outside and they will get it done". She had no answer to the query as to why the Security sent me in, in the first place.

Anyway I went outside and asked the security for the token. The man looks at me and asks for the key. I asked him, "What Key?" The vehicle key of course he replies, "How can I give a token without the key?" I was losing my mind and told him that I had come for a PUC check which is a two minute job and not for servicing, that he should take my key. The guy smiled and said, "Okay If you want it that way I will give you the token, but you will have to wait." I could see the PUC van parked there with a Scorpio blocking it out completely and guessed it, 'They never intended to use it.' I decided it was not worth it and got in my car to leave.

Then comes the bummer. As we came to the gate, the security guy who, just minutes before, had asked me to take the car inside and who was watching me move up and down throughout suddenly walks up and asks me for the Gate Pass. I told him I don't have one since I never checked in my vehicle. Our man says you should have and asks me to step out so he could check the vehicle properly. That was it. I lost it and started giving it to him verbally. If it had continued I would have probably taken the law into my own hands, but thanks to my driver, who must also have realised it, and drove the car away without paying any heed to the whistles.

A stupid PUC check costs Rs 80/- only and my purpose of going to the service station was not to save the Rs 80/- but to encourage and take part in the drive initiated by someone sensible. But Alas, only if the employees of the visionaries also see things the same way. Unless of course the employees were directed by the powers that be, to behave in such a manner and discourage any free PUC checks. My vehicle is Pollution free thanks to Mahindra, but it is also certified pollution free and for this no thanks to Mahindra.

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